Crochet Owl Pattern

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Do you find crochet owls fascinating? Well i have put together a list of owl crochet patterns that you will just love. I made sure to cover both beginner and advanced crocheters, so rest assured you will find something for your level of expertise.

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How to crochet an owl

Recently i have found myself sharing crochet animal patterns, i am not one who crochets amigurumis (yet), but i am fascinated by them. The amigurumi pattern i have designed by me is this crochet strawberry pattern which can easily be turned into a crochet keychain.

Not all patterns will be the same, but you will sure need a few crochet supplies. Depending on what style the pattern designer is going for, there might be other supplies needed to crochet your owl, but the basic supplies needed to crochet your owls are:

Supplies for Crocheting an owl:

Crochet techniques to know for making an owl

To crochet your owl, you’ll need to know a few basic crochet techniques. Here are the ones you’ll need for this project:

  1. Chain stitch (ch): This is the basic building block of crochet. To make a chain stitch, wrap the yarn over the hook and pull the hook through the loop already on the hook. Repeat this process to create a chain.
  2. Single crochet (sc): To make a single crochet, insert the hook into the next stitch, wrap the yarn over the hook, pull the hook back through the stitch, wrap the yarn over the hook again, and pull the hook through both loops on the hook.
  3. Increasing: To increase the number of stitches, simply add an extra single crochet stitch into the same stitch. This will increase the width of your piece.
  4. Decreasing: To decrease the number of stitches, work two single crochet stitches together. This will decrease the width of your piece.
  5. Weaving in ends: This is the process of weaving in the tails from the starting and ending points of your work to secure them and prevent unraveling.

By mastering these basic crochet techniques, you’ll be well on your way to creating a cute and cuddly crochet owl.

10 Crochet Owl Patterns

1. Jip the owl

crochet owl pattern

Love this crochet owl. From the wink to the colour. This is a free PDF downloady on Ravelry thanks to Tessa

2. Crochet owl amigurumi

owl crochet pattern

This cute little owl amigurumi by CarmenCrochet is sure to bring a smile to your face! There’s no need to be intimidated by this adorable creation – the pattern is easy to follow and complete with step-by-step instructions.

3. Crochet owl free pattern

realistic crochet owl pattern

This free amigurumi owl pattern is a quick and easy crochet pattern that uses faux fur yarn to create a realistic-looking crochet owl and I am OBSESSED…Read more

4. Winged crochet owl

image 51

This is a paid owl amigurumi pattern.Get it on Etsy.

etsy crochet owl pattern

5. Crochet owl amigurumi pattern

crochet owl pdf pattern for free

Who does not want a free crochet PDF pattern? Get the pattern HERE

6. Bernat Ollie O’go Owl Pattern

image 54

Who would say no to this gorgeous crochet owl pattern? Great to snuggle with. Get the free crochet PDF pattern HERE.

7. Crochet owl wall hanger

crochet owl

Get this crochet pattern HERE if you love crochet tutorials over crochet patterns. And if you are into crochet wall hangings, then these are for you.

8. Little owl amigurumi crochet pattern

image 56

With a bit of stuffing and some scrap crochet yarn, you can have yourself this long legged crochet owl pattern. Get pattern HERE

9. Olivia the owl crochet pattern

image 57

Get this crochet pattern for free HERE

10. Amigurumi crochet owl pattern

image 58

Love this big blue eyed crochet owl? Make one with this free crochet pattern.

Found something you love yet? I hope you did. Because that is all the free crochet owl patterns i have for you today. If you did not find the pattern for you, then i hope you do next time.