Cute Crochet Lizard Pattern

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Out looking for a new crochet project to make? Try your hand with a crochet lizard pattern, you will surely not regret. If you are a lover of lizards or crawling animals then this post is just the one for you.

lizard crochet pattern

Recently i have been sharing a lot of crochet animal patterns, so i could not resist sharing these crochet lizard patterns. These crochet reptiles and amphibians can be a great project to try and can make a fun toy for the little ones.

Lizard Crochet Patterns

I have a friend who is terrified of lizards, one time i sent her a picture of a crochet lizard that was so realistic she was so sure it was real.

I cannot wait to share these lizard free crochet patterns with you! So if you are eager for the patterns, scroll down past all the chit chats!

image 146

Supplies for crocheting caterpillars

Here’s what you’ll need to create your crochet lizard:

Be sure to check your pattern to see what specific supplies you will need before getting started.

What’s the best yarn to use for caterpillars?

To make your crochet lizard, you’ll want to choose a yarn that’s soft, stretchy, and easily washable. Some children are very sensitive (assuming you are making it for children), so avoid scratchy yarns. Some excellent choices include acrylic, cotton, super wash wool, and super wash merino.

How much yarn do you need to make a crochet caterpillar?

Most crocheted lizards require approximately minimal use of yarn. This means that many lizards can be made with just one skein of yarn or less! Keep in mind that larger sizes, complicated patterns, and colourful patterns may require more yarn.

Tips for crocheting Lizards

If you do not have much experience with crochet lizards, then you will find the following tips useful to get you started on your project.

  1. Use the right materials: Use a worsted weight yarn in the colours of your choice. Choose a crochet hook that is the right size for your yarn and a tapestry needle to weave in the ends.
  2. Pay attention to the details: The caterpillar is made of multiple other compartments. This will depend on the pattern you decide to use, but it is best to pay attention to details.
  3. Use stitch markers: Mark the beginning of each round to help you keep track of your stitch count. This is especially helpful when you are a beginner and the pattern has a lot of compartments.
  4. Don’t cut the tails too short: Leave a long tail when fastening off each part. This will make it easier to sew the parts together and make a stronger, more durable stitch.
  5. Take your time: Crocheting a caterpillar can be time-consuming, so don’t feel rushed. Take your time and enjoy the process, and your finished amigurumi caterpillar will be all the more special because of it.
  6. Experiment with colour: You don’t have to stick to traditional solid colours like. Feel free to get creative and choose colours that you love.

Crochet Lizard Patterns

Go though this list of crochet lizard patterns and see if you can find one that melts your heart!

1. DIY Crochet realistic lizard

image 143

How realistic can a crochet lizard get? Love this? check out this free pattern.

2. Crochet monitor lizard

image 144

Just looking at this crochet lizard, i am getting scared already. Grab the paid pattern HERE

3. Bearded lizard crochet pattern

image 147

Yay to this lizard? Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

4. Iguana crochet pattern

image 148

Love this quick scrap yarn crochet pattern? Grab it here for free. Using minimal supplies, you will achieve this beautiful lizard!

5. Iguana crochet pattern

image 149

I have a confession. I am scared of lizards, well the big ones anyone, so these crochet lizards are kind of creeping me out. So i will have to end the list here for today! Grab this pattern HERE.

I do hope you found a pattern you liked and are planning on making one! Until next time, happy crocheting.

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