Crochet sunflower granny square Pattern

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Let me just begin with saying, crochet granny square projects can be very therapeutic. So the crochet sunflower granny square is about to be one great stress relieving project.

This delightful and versatile motif brings a touch of summer into your projects, be it blankets, cardigans, bags, or home decor.

In this article, we’ll explore the art of crafting this lovely granny square, along with some creative ideas to use it in various crochet projects.

What is a crochet daisy granny square?

A crochet daisy granny square is a delightful variation of the traditional granny square that features a daisy flower motif at its centre.

This square combines the classic charm of the granny square with the beauty of a daisy, making it a popular choice for various crochet projects such as blankets, pillows, bags, and more.

crochet daisy granny squares

Understanding the sunflower granny square

The Crochet Sunflower Granny Square is a classic crochet pattern that combines the simplicity of the granny square with the intricate details of a sunflower.

The centre of the square typically features a circular formation resembling the sunflower’s seeds, surrounded by alternating rounds of petals and textured stitches to mimic the sunflower’s vibrant appearance.

This pattern offers a perfect opportunity to play with colours, allowing crafters to experiment with different shades to create stunning and eye-catching results.

Materials Needed

To begin your crochet sunflower granny square journey, gather the following materials:

  • Worsted-weight yarn in yellow, brown, green, and optional accent colors for the petals.
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Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn

71raAoXuDML. AC SL1500

Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton Yarn

  • Crochet hook suitable for the yarn weight (recommended size: 4.0 mm to 5.5 mm).
capricorn square white

You could never have enough hooks!

capricorn square white

You could never have enough hooks!

  • Yarn needle for weaving in ends.
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Yarn Needle

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Yarn Needle

  • Scissors.
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Embroidery Scissors

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Embroidery Scissors

How to crochet sunflower granny squares

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own sunflower granny square:

Step 1: Center Circle. Start with a magic ring or create a slip knot and work multiple chains to form a ring. Crochet single crochets (sc) into the ring, building the centre of the sunflower. Join the round and tighten the ring.

Step 2: Sunflower Seeds. Work a series of front post double crochets (FPdc) or bobbles around the centre circle to resemble the seeds of the sunflower. This textured layer adds depth and dimension to the granny square.

Step 3: Sunflower Petals .Using the accent color, work a set of petals around the sunflower seeds. Each petal typically consists of several double crochets (dc) and chain stitches, creating a distinct sunflower appearance.

crochet daisy granny square
By Morinesshop

Step 4: Background Rounds. Complete the crochet granny square with several rounds of traditional granny stitch pattern, alternating colours as desired. This will give your sunflower granny square a harmonious and polished finish.

Can beginners crochet sunflower granny squares?

Yes, beginners can certainly crochet daisy granny squares. It is an excellent project for beginners to learn and practice basic crochet stitches while creating something beautiful and fun.

Simple Crochet Sunflower Granny Square Patterns

1. Crochet Daisy Granny square pattern free

image 16

Grab the free crochet pattern HERE.

2. Granny square sunflower crochet pattern

image 18

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3. Granny square daisy crochet pattern

image 19

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4. Granny square Daisy tutorial

image 20

And i f you are like me who prefers a video tutorial to a crochet pattern, you will love this visual crochet daisy granny square pattern HERE.

Incorporating Sunflower Granny Squares in Projects

Now that you have your beautiful crochet sunflower granny squares ready, it’s time to incorporate them into various crochet projects:

  • Sunflower Blanket: Combine multiple sunflower granny squares to create a vibrant and cozy sunflower-themed blanket. You can experiment with different layouts and color combinations for a truly personalized touch.
  • Sunflower Tote Bag: Sew or crochet the sunflower granny squares together to make a charming tote bag, perfect for carrying your essentials with a touch of nature’s beauty.
  • Sunflower Coasters: Make smaller versions of the sunflower granny square to create adorable coasters. These coasters will add a cheerful accent to your coffee table and protect it from spills.
  • Sunflower Pillow Covers: Craft a set of sunflower granny squares and stitch them onto plain pillow covers. This easy and budget-friendly project will instantly revamp your living space with a touch of sunshine…and the list is endless.