crochet tank top pattern & tutorial

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Hi there maker! A crochet tank top does not sound so bad does it? If you are looking for crochet summer tops to make, then you have found just the one for you!

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Crochet Top PATTERN// Crochet Summer top pattern Crochet Tank image 1But this crochet tank top is a must have i’d say!! I love the fit, and it allows the summer air to hit just right.

I know it’s not summer in most areas, so save it for later.

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Crochet Top PATTERN// Crochet Summer top pattern Crochet Tank image 2

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A crochet tank top is something every crocheter needs in their wardrobe. It gives you confidence knowing you are going to be walking around looking unique. Who does not want that?

Crochet Top PATTERN// Crochet Summer top pattern Crochet Tank image 3

The crochet tank top promises you comfort while you look awesome in the streets. And, it does not call for too much materials. So you can use that stash you had left over from that previous crochet sweater project.

Crochet Top PATTERN// Crochet Summer top pattern Crochet Tank image 5


Terminology: US

Level: Intermediate Beginner

Sizes: XS-3XL


– The pattern is worked in the back loop only to achieve the rib look

– Chin 1 does not count as a stitch

– The pattern has 7 sizes written as XS(S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL)

– The whole pattern will be worked with two stitches, the half double crochet and slip stitch.

– We work into the back bumps of all the chains we make.

Yarn Needed


Stitch Library

 Ch- Chain

Sc- Single crochet

Slst- Slip stitch

Hdc- Half double Crochet


100g balls of DK weight Yarn

Stitch marker

4.5 mm crochet hook

Yarn needle


Crochet Top PATTERN// Crochet Summer top pattern Crochet Tank image 6

crochet tank top pattern

FOUNDATION CHAIN: Ch 40(47,54,61,61,68,68,)

ROW 1: Hdc into the second ch from the hook, hdc in all the stitches till the last one. In the last stitch , place 2 hdc to increase. Ch 2 and turn


ROW 2: Slst into the second ch from the hook, slst into the back loops of the hdc stitches only all the way down. Ch1 and turn.


Row 3: Hdc in all the stitches placing 2 hdc stitches in the last stitch to increase.

Rep rows 1-3 till row 5(9,13,17,21,25,29).

Screenshot 2022 03 10 20.21.21

Ch 15(20,25,25,30,30,35) slst into the second ch from the hook in the  and all the way down, remember to slst in the back loops of the body.

We are now working the shoulder strap. Work 3(5,7,7,7,9,9) rows for the shoulder strap, this should leave you at the bottom of your work.

We are about to do the V- on the chest.

Place a st marker in the 10(15,20,20,25,25,30)th stitch from the top.

Begin your new rows but stop 2 stitches before the stitch marker, place a decrease in those two stitches bu working one hdc in the two stitches. Ch 1 and turn, work slst into the first 2 stitches to decrease the row.

Decrease for a total of 5(9,13,17,21,25,29) rows.

Screenshot 2022 03 10 20.21.45

Work 3 normal rows to mark the middle section then increase a total of 5(9,13,17,21,25,29) rows, at the top of the last row, ch 10(15,20,20,25,25,30) plus one, and work  3(5,7,7,7,9,9) rows for the shoulder strap.

To finish off the crochet tank top, leave a stitch marker in the 15(20,25,25,30,30,35) th stitch. Work your way up leaving 2 stitches before the stitch marker.

Decrease for a total of 5(9,13,17,21,25,29) rows. Ch1 and cut the yarn.

We are 45% through with our crochet tank top, just repeat the same process to make another piece for the back.


Now that you are done, lay the right sides facing each other to seam the sides and the shoulder.

The right sides are the sides with the ribbed effect, the pretty side LOL.

 Seam the sides and shoulder closed with your needle.

Under the arm, place your yarn and go around the arm placing sc to clean up the arm holes.

Do the same thing for the neck. Work 2 rows of sc to make it neater.

Screenshot 2022 03 10 20.22.02

Cut the yarn, weave in what’s not welcome and just like that, you have your crochet tank top all done and ready to be worn!!!

Wear it, you earned it.

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  1. Wonderful! I once had a bright green sweater the color of fresh spring grass, and I loved that thing. I wore it as often as my mom would allow me to. One of your sweater pictures reminded me of that sweater I ended up having to say goodbye to — I’d worn it out so bad, there was nothing any of my family of crochet’ers could do to save it. (If I was a betting woman, I would think my mom had a secret hand in them ‘not being able to’ fix it. lol) Ahh well. Your sleeveless top is so pretty!

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