Free Crochet Sweater Pattern + Tutorial

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Hi makers, welcome or welcome back to another free crochet sweater pattern. As always, this free crochet sweater pattern comes with a video tutorial.


I made this crochet sweater for a friend who purchased it from me to support my business, so you will note i do not have a lot of pictures of it.

image 1

The colour choice was all hers, she loved the Sky Light Sweater and she wanted one for herself.

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Pattern Library

Hdslst- Half double slip stitch

Slst- Slip stitch

Sc- Single crochet

Rep- Repeat

Dec- Decrease

Incr- Increase

Cont- Continue

BLO- Back loop only


Gauge: 13 st in14 rows =4”X4”

Sizes: SX-L

Finished sweater was a size small, it fi a 36″ bust size model.

Amount of yarn needed

4(5,6.5,7,8,9,10.5,12,13.5) balls of yarn

Free crochet sweater pattern notes

-Ch 1 does not count as a stitch The Crochet sweater can be worked to your desired length. 

-We will use a 5.5 crochet hook for the body and the 4.00 crochet hook for  the bottom band, sleeve band and collar. 

-The crochet sweater pattern contains 4 sizes (XS-L) 

-This crochet sweater pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial,

-If you do not have a smaller waist and the slst band will be uncomfortable, you can either use the 5.5mm crochet hook to do the slst or instead of a slst you can do sc rows.

  • we will use a 3.00 mm crochet hook for the sleeves

Free Crochet Sweater Pattern + Tutorial


Ch 8, slst into the back bumps of all the ch, ch 1 at the end, turn

BLO, slst all the way up. Rep this till you have a total of 60(80,100,120) rows. 

At the end, close the two sides, and sc into the side slst rows. You should have a total of 60(80,100,120) sc, ch1 and cut. Put aside


FOUNDATION CHAIN: Ch 61(71,81,91) 

ROW1: using the 4.00 crochet hook, slst into the 10 back bumps of the chain, place a stitch marker in the 10th stitch. Take the 5.5mm crochet hook, and hdc slstfor the rest of the row, in the back bumps still.

ROW2: Ch 1 and turn, into the BLO, Hdslst all the way down, remember to switch to the 4.00 mm crochet hook at the stitch marker. 

ROW3: ch 1 and turn, slst into the first 10 st, hdc in the rest. 

Rep this pattern for 9(13,17,21) rows, but leave 2 st unworked at the top because we will do our first decr. 


We will need to mark the collar so as to work on it easier, so place a stitch marker on the first or last sc you made. 

Place the next st marker in the 10(10,15,20)th sc stitch. 

Place the next st marker in the 10(20,20,20) sc stitch 

Place the last st marker in the 10(10,15,20)th stitch. 

7Yh4hZ3nEg1gzHYEguEviBWpai1F9YcUF6NnzuugR0Yb6VoStkt51o3fH4k5f PR8bpi Xi3TdlMe t3h5yP Fq0JwKjQGg4u ZX7yf9Gx9FC2WSGlglL PKgUgK1rfIb70doxXlD wydEGew

Where the stitch markers lay is out front of the crochet sweater. We will decrease and increase. 

So now, decr by hdslst two stitches tog and slst into the first stitch marked sc on the collar, slst to the next sc to begin the next row. 

HdSlst 2 stitches tog to make another decr. And hdslst all the way down as normal.

Rep this till the next st marker, after that st marker, you will work 10(20,20,20) normal rows. 

Following this, we will start to incr at the next stitch marked sc. 

To incr, place two hdsls stitches in the same stitch and 2 hdslst stitches in the same stitch. We will incr till the last st marker. 

When you are done increasing, ch 1 and turn, work 9(13,17,21) rows to match the other side, ch 1 and cut. The front portion is all down. 


To make the back of this crochet sweater, rep everything we did for the front. BUT, do not increase or decrease anywhere. 

When you are done, lay the sweater front and back panels on top of each other and sew the shoulders closed with your yarn needle or a 4.00 crochet hook.

Leave 19(23,27,31) stitches on each side making a total of 38(46,54,62) for the arm hole and sew the sides closed. DO this for both sides. 

Connect the yarn on the underarm section of the sweater, and with the 5.5mm crochet hook, 

Ch61(61,71,71) slst into the first 10 stitches with a 3.00 mm crochet hook, place a stitch marker on the 10th stitch, switch back to the 5.5mm crochet hook for the rest of the ch.

 Remember to work in the BLO.

When you reach the last st, slst to the available or first st of the arm hole to join the row, to begin the next row, slst to the next st of the arm hole and start the next row.

Rep this for the whole sleeve, to close the sleeve, turn the crochet sweater inside out and sew it closed.

DO this for both sleeves.

At the end, weave in the ends, and your crochet sweater is all complete!