10 Ways To Make Money Crocheting

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10 ways to make money crocheting
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Wanna learn the 10 Ways to make money crocheting?

A lot of people think crocheting is just a hobby. And they are not wrong, but did you know there are many wats to make money crocheting?

I learnt to crochet 3 years ago, and it was only last year that i learnt people are crocheting for a living.

People are making $20,000 every single month from a hobby, crochet. There is a lot involved to make crocheting your full time business, however it is very possible.

In this blog post i will tell you 10 ways to make money crocheting. Some of them can be full time in the long run, while others can be ways to keep your hobby supported and keep a healthy supply of yarn.

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10 Ways To Make Money Crocheting

1. Write a crochet book

This crochet book does not have to be complicated. If you are really good at reading and or writing crochet patterns, then you can write a book on crochet abbreviations or how to read and write a crochet pattern, or even just a beginners guide to crochet.

If you love to crochet amigurumis or sweaters, baby blankets, then you can write a book on those. You can have a book full of 100 crochet sweater patterns. It does not have to be 100, it could be 50.

Once you have th idea, get all the patterns with clear photos of every single pattern and make it into a book or a PDF, then sell it on Etsy, Amazon or even your own website.

Once i hot 50 crochet sweater and Cardigan patterns, be sure to expect a book from me.


  • You work at your own pace, nobody us buggin you to finish writing a crochet book so you can sell it to them, Unless you have told a few pwoplw then they sure will be on your neck about the crochet patterns.
  • It is passive income, so what this means is, you will sell that crochet book until forever. Work for it once and reap the fruit until Jesus comes.
  • Since it is your writing, you get to be the boss of what you publish and create. You are in charge of everything. Everyone want’s to be their ownw boss.


  • Writing a book on crochet patterns means you actually have to make the crochet iem to write about. This means time. Even if you are a fast crocheter, you need a few moths to make 50 crochet patterns or so before you can publish a book. so this is not a one day project.

2. Start an Online Store

When we talk of crochet and knitting, we have several platforms for crochet and knitting alone. If i leave out a few be sure to comment them below.

  • Ravelry
  • Lovecraft
  • Riblr
  • Etsy
10 ways to make money crocheting

Etsy is a handmade store even though you will find a lot of other products that are not entirely handmade. You want to know ways to make money crocheting? Start an online store.

Currently i have an Etsy shop and a lovecrafts shop where i sell all my crochet patterns. They are growing with your help. You can learn how to sell on Etsy for free, and get yourself 40 free listings


  • You will make money for years to come since this is also passive income
  • In the long run if you stay true and consistent, it can become a full time income
  • You design your own patterns
  • You can start an Etsy shop for FREE, click here to get your 40 free listings today when you deside to open your Etsy shop.


  • Patterns might sell slowly at first which can be discouraging
  • Making a crochet project will require time, if you are a busy person, this might be harder for you

3. Sell a crochet course

A crochet course can simply be teaching absolute beginners how to crochet the basic stitches and then their first easy garment which seems to be a crochet wash cloth.

It can also be you guiding them onto something that is hard to understand in crochet, like crochet hook sizes, yarn weight, gauge swatch etc, all this can be done at a small price.


  • It is passive income, when you start a course on skillshare, you get paid $0.05-$0.10 per minute watches which is X50 more than youtube pays.
  • The money made will all come to you
  • You get to teach what you like and can have as many classes as you want


  • The recording can be tedious

4. Start a blog

Starting a blog is by far one of my favourite ways to make money crocheting. With a log, you are guaranteed full income by the 24th month, if you go about it correctly.

10 ways to make money crocheting 

My blog at the time of writing this post is under 12 months old, and it is making good improvements.

With the blog alone, you can monetize your site in multiple ways.

Learn how to start a blog, and how you can monetize your blog with the crochet business.


  • It can become your full time income in the long run
  • You are your own boss
  • You have multiple income streams


  • The traffic will take time to build up as would be expected for a new starting blog, just do not give up and keep writing and crocheting.
  • There will be a lot of learning and failing before you start winning. But it is all worth it in the end. And learning never stops.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

STarting a youtuve channel means you will be making crochet tutorials on whatever projects you are working on. Eventually when the youtube channel grows, you will start making some decent money depending on how many views you managed to accumulate that month.


  • The money coming in is passive, so a video you make today will continue to get views 30 years down the line, as long as YouTube stays up and running, which means you will continue getting paid for a video you made 30 years ago.


  • YouTube has a lot of requirements before you start getting paid.
  • 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours which are not always easy to come by. But you can do it.

6. Sell a finished project

10 ways to make money crocheting 

When you have made a crochet project, charge the labour and materials you used and sell it to a friend or family or the online store you made.

If you do not know how to charge crochet items, it is the cost of materials used multiplied by three. If the materials cost you $10, then the final piece should be charged $30. The rest is fot the labour of love you put in.


  • You make money when you start to sell


  • You will come across people who are not willing to pay for the hours you put in which can be very depressing.

7. Sell crochet patterns

Crochet patterns sell rather well compared to the finished crochet items.

If you are good at writing crochet patterns, and are wondering ways to make money crocheting, then you can start here. The good thig is you can start selling on Etsy for free and see how the first 40 listing do.

If you do not know how to write a crochet pattern, then you can learn how to HERE.


  • It is passive income, the crochet patterns are a gift that will keep on giving, in $$$

8. Become an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketing is where you market items for a company, and when someone decides to purchase that item, using your affiliate link, you make a small commission.

For example, see the beautiful crochet hooks down below?

10 ways to make money crocheting 

If you want to get yourself a crochet hook, CLICK HERE, and when you purchase, i make a small commission.

9. Become a pattern tester

Being a pattern tester means when someone write a crochet pattern and they need someone to check it for any mistakes, that someone will be you.

They may provide the yarn for you to test their crochet pattern, and they will pay you, unless you just love to do it for free, but we are trying to learn ways to make money crocheting and this can be one of those 10 ways to make money crocheting.

10. Take custom orders

You can take orders from close friends and family to make a crochet item for them at a price.

This will be slow money, but it will be worth it when you do decide to take an order from someone.

This is all i had on 10 ways to make money crocheting. Find a way or two to make money crocheting and keep that yarn stash full all the time.

Happy crafting.