Crochet Stitch Markers : Everything you need to know

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Whether you are new to crocheting or not, you cannot escape the crochet stitch markers! These are a must have for every level crocheter as they prove to be useful in almost every crochet project.

crochet stitch marker

In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about the stitch markers for crocheting from the types to where you can get them. At a good price of course. Keep reading.

What is a crochet stitch marker?

According to Wikipedia, a stitch marker is a mnemonic device used to distinguish important locations on a work in progress. Crochet patterns have a mathematical basis, so stitch markers serve as a visual reference that takes the place of continuous stitch counting and reduces a crocheter’s error rate.

To put it in simpler terms a crochet stitch marker is either a plastic or metallic safety pin or clip placed in your crochet project to serve as a reminder.

Types of stitch markers

When it comes to crocheting and knitting, there are 2 type of stitch markers:

  • Closed stitch markers
  • Open Stitch markers

Closed Stitch Markers

closed crochet stitch markers

Th closed stitch markers resemble a safety pi. They are called closed crochet stitch markers because you can open and close them compared to the open stitch markers.

These stitch markers are my personal favourite. You pop these babies in a stitch and you can trust they will stay there for the whole project, If you are one who likes to pile up crochet projects, then these closed stitch markers are for you because they are secure!

Open Stitch markers

knitting stitch marker

The open stitch markers, as they are called, are a spiral open marker. These are quick to pop on and off! I would recommend these for a project you know you will leave aside for long, assuming you were going to make a cup of coffee then these would work well.

I would not recommend these crochet stitch markers for a long project as they tend to slip out and it can be frustrating!

How to Use Crochet stitch markers

Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for. How to use crochet stitch markers. I am sure the people that invented stitch markers did not know they saved us a lot of time! Because there are so many uses for these bad boys.

1. Count Stitches

If you are wondering how on earth will i count stitches with a stitch markers, then wait a second, let me explain.

If you are a lover of big project that call for long foundation chains like crochet blankets or crochet cardigans and sweaters then the stitch markers are a must have.

Assume you have to crochet a foundation chain of 100 or more, could be less, chances are your mind will wonder, that is where the stitch markers come in. After 10 chains, place a stitch marker.

The closed stitch markers would be best for this. So at the end of your foundation chain, you have a stitch marker in every 10th chain. If you forget how many you chained, you count the stitch markers in tens!

2. Maintaining straight edges

If you constantly struggle with crooked edges when crocheting, then you need to use the stitch markers for assistance.

If the problem is finding the first and the last stitch, then the stitch markers will come in extra handy. all you do is place a stitch marker at the end of the row and at the beginning of the row. That way you know to never miss the stitch!

3. Reminder

If you like to work on multiple crochet projects at the same time, then the stitch markers can be your personal reminder.

If you are following a complicated crochet pattern then just leave the crochet marker at the next comfortable place so you remember where you were when you pick your project up again.

4. For Increasing & Decreasing

When working a pattern that calls for increasing and decreasing, then the stitch markers can help you remember where you increase and where you decrease. When i was working this crochet yoke pattern, i needed to know my 4 points of increasing. The stitch markers helped me work without constantly going back to count my chain.

5. Changing stitches

Use a crochet stitch marker to remind yourself that it’s time to change stitches. If you are working a project that calls for different stitches, then you will definitely need the markers to know where and when to place the new stitch.

6. Change Colours

If your pattern calls for a colour change, you can mark where you need to change colours. Place a crochet stitch marker where the change should happen and continue working without stressing.

How many crochet markers do i need?

image 131

Considering that these are tiny things that can pop off and fall any given time, it would not be smart to only keep 10 at hand. You will either lose some, or have them all on projects you plan to finish later.

So, quick fix to this is to just purchase a box of 100+ stitch markers and live a stress free life. Crochet stitch markers do not cost much, and they are a good investments.

However, if you do not have access to them now or cannot afford a box at the moment, the there are other alternatives to crochet stitch markers.

Crochet markers alternatives

When i was starting out to crocheting, i only had one crochet hook (4mm) and some yarn. I had no idea what crochet stitch markers were and what they were for, but as i got deeper into learning how to crochet, i started to see the use for them. So i improvised and found myself an alternative:

  • Scrap yarn
  • bobby pins
  • Safety pin

These came to my rescue and worked perfectly fine. You want to be careful when you use the yarn as a stitch marker. Do not tie too tightly or too loosely.

Where to find crochet stitch markers

Thinking of buying some stitch markers, then head over HERE and look around! Get a few packs or one large box of crochet stitch markers and never worry again. And just for safety, you can purchase another one for the years to come. You never know when you will need an extra box. Goof thing is they do not go bad!

Tips for purchasing stitch markers

Before i let you go ahead and buy some stitch markers, there are a few things to look out for. If you crochet, then be sure to purchase the closed stitch markers.

If you are a knitter, then the open ones and the spiral ones can work perfectly fine for you. But if you are looking for stitch markers that will not move, again, the closed or circle stitch markers are the perfect ones for our knitters.

I hope you got something from this article and decided to purchase a crochet stitch marker! If not, next time will do!

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