Itsy-Bitsy Fun knit Baby Socks Pattern

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If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, then knit baby socks is the best place to start.

Nothing welcomes a new baby like a hand knitted garment! Baby socks are a quick and easy way to whip up something special for little ones often using up bits of scrap yarn from your stash.

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Warm Knitted Baby Socks Pattern

In this article, i have put together a few knit baby socks patterns that are too cute to resist. Since they are itsy-bitsy socks, you will be done before you know it.

So why not make a few pairs for the baby, and while at it, you eight wan to consider some knit amigurumi toys for the baby! So before we get deep into the knit socks patterns, let’s make sure we have the right supplies

knit baby socks

Supplies to knit baby socks

  • Yarn: Choose a soft, medium-weight yarn in your desired colours.
  • Knitting Needles: Select a needle size appropriate for your yarn.
  • Safety Eyes and Nose: For an authentic look, consider using safety eyes and a plastic safety nose.
  • Yarn Needle: You’ll need this for sewing and weaving in ends.

Knit Baby Socks Patterns

With all that chit chat out of the way, lets see what knit socks pattern you will like

1. Knit Owl Baby Socks

image 139

First we start with this baby knit socks and hat collection pattern. This would make the perfect gift for the new born. Grab the free PDF pattern HERE.

2. Knit Baby Socks Free Pattern

knit baby socks

Here is a very simple beginner friendly knit socks pattern. This knit socks pattern is for 0-4 years old so if you love the pattern so much, you can keep making it for your baby till they’re 4 years old. Grab the free pattern HERE.

3. Flakey Baby Socks Pattern

baby socks knitting pattern

If you are looking for a baby Christmas knit pattern then these snow flakes knit socks are the great place to start. Grab the knit pattern HERE.

4. Knit baby socks made easy

image 143

Grab the paid PDF pattern of these baby socks HERE

5. Red Heart Knit Baby Socks

baby socks knitted pattern

You can download the free knit socks pattern HERE.

6. Pretty Baby Socks

image 146

Grab the knit socks pattern HERE.

7. Bernat Knit Baby Circus Socks Pattern

knit baby socks

Knit these cozy treats for little feet in Bernat Softee Baby. Grab the free pattern HERE

8. Soft Silky Knit Baby Socks

free knit baby socks

Grab the free knit socks pattern HERE.

Now What?

Now that you have finished your baby socks, wrap them up and gift them, if they are for your baby, clean them up and put them on their feet!