9 Crochet Sweater Free Patterns

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A crochet is a must have on every crocheters project list. However, picking the right sweater to crochet is always challenging. So worry not, i have 9 crochet sweater free patterns that will just mke you happy. Also keep you very warm in those cold nights

1. The Rosella Crochet Crop Sweater

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The rosella crochet crop sweater is a must have as it allows you to wear it with almost everything. A pear of pants, a skirt or even a dress. This crochet sweater comes in 9 sizes, it is a crop sweater, but you can make it as long as you like, the instructions are given in the free crochet sweater pattern. The crochet rosella sweater is one of my most recent crochet sweater designs, and maybe my favourite so far.

The Free pattern is found HERE, if you want the Ad-Free Printable PDF, go HERE

Crochet Crop Sweater Free Pattern

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I am starting to believe i love crop sweaters. The fun thing is, it does not have to be a crop sweater as you can make the chains much longer. This crochet crop sweater was a recreation from my first ever crochet sweater which became cropped by accident. It was a beautiful accident, you will come across it as you go down.

The free crochet pattern is found HERE, as for the PDF Pattern, CLICK HERE.

Crochet Multi Colour block Sweater Pattern

Untitled design 72

This crochet multi colour block sweater calls for your patience because we work the whole sweater in one piee, that means we are constantly changing yarns. But the outcome sure is beautiful. The free crochet pattern can be found here, where as the Ad-free Printable PDF pattern can be found HERE.

Crochet colour block turtleneck sweater free pattern

Untitled design 66

The crochet turtleneck sweater calls for math perfectio as the number of chins must be perfect. This is a morning project when you are absolutely allert.

This sweater, like the rest above is available in 9 sizes. For the FREE crochet pattern, click HERE, as for the Ad-free printable pdf, click HERE.

Crocher Off the shoulder V-neck sweater free pattern

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The crochet v-neck sweater is available in 9 different sizes. For the crochet sweater free pattern, click HERE.

As for the Printable PDF version, cick HERE.

Crochet Colour block sweater for men and women free pattern

Untitled design

This crochet colour block sweater was my second crochet sweater to make. It was here that i realised my passion laid in crochet sweater patterns.

Free crochet pattern is found HERE

Pritable PDF Pattern is found HERE.

Crochet Turtleneck sweater free pattern

Untitled design 18

This crochet turtleneck sweater pattern resembles a knit sweater which is one added bonus for me.

For the free crochet pattern, click HERE

For the ad- Free PDF click HERE

Easy crochet crop sweater free pattern

Untitled design

This is the first crochet crop sweater i made by accident. I was tryiing to make an adult sized sweater but my crochet hook had other plans.

Free crochet pattern click HERE

Ad free printable PDF click HERE

Crochet sweater pattern

Untitled design 16

For the free crochet pattern, click HERE

Ad- free printable PDF click HERE