Crochet Alpine Summer Top Free Pattern

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crochet alpine summer top pattern

Learn to crochet this easy alpine summer top made from one large rectangle.

The Alpine Crop Top is the perfect everyday crochet staple for your spring me-made wardrobe. This beginner-friendly project uses simple stitches – single crochet and half double crochet – to create a modern and wearable summer top.

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The Alpine summer Top is so simple, modern, stylish – it’ll have people turning heads for sure because nobody will believe you made that.

Pair it with denim shorts, maxi skirt or jeans, this easy crochet summer top is perfect to transitional piece from spring to summer. You can even wear it over a turtleneck or under a leather jacket during the colder months!

crochet top pattern

The crochet alpine summer top can be made into a crop top if you wish as you determine how long or short it gets to be.

The construction is just one big alpine stitch rectangle from which we will add the straps. The awesome part is, the scissors will only be used when we are done with the crochet summer top.


SO to achieve the alpine stitch, you need to have an even number chain, remember we do not have specific chain numbers, it will be what fits.

This top pattern has all sizes! You can even make one for a child, the secret to getting the perfect fit gor you is to make a chain, remember to count as it needs to be an even number, then we will wrap the chain around our under bust/breast, if the straps reach or touch without pulling them too much, then that is your size.

I am a size small, so i will share the number i chained for a size small

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I cannot number the number of summer dresses that i have with buttons in the front. So the inspiration for this alpine summer top is derived from my wardrobe and love for buttons.

I recently made an oversized crochet cardigan which would look just perfect with this crochet summer top.

For the past few months, I’ve experimented with so many different stitches and I’ve finally found the perfect combination!

I think the crochet alpine stitch and half double slip stitch have become my new faves.


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The alpine summer crochet top uses a DK weight yarn in the shades of your personal preference. I used a baby blue colour.

The link provided above will lead you to a variety of yarns, just go for the dk weight yarn in the brand of your choice, they are all awesome!


SC_-Single Crochet

DC- Double Crochet

Fpdc- Front post double crochet

Slst- Slip Stitch


ch 2 acts like a stitch

ch1 does not act like a stitch

the whole pattern uses the sc and the dc stitches


DK Weight yarn

4.5mm crochet hook

stitch markers


yarn needle

Level of difficulty

Beginner friendly




SX- 1.5 balls

S- 2 balls

M…..going upwards just add an extra ball of yarn from the previous size.


The crochet summer top has a pattern that repeats itself throughout the process. If you are an absolute beginner then remember we have a video tutorial that should explain everything even better if you are a visual learner.

Remember the pattern is measurement based, so keep a notebook close for easy counting.

Row1: Make a ch that goes around your under bust making sure the ch is an even number.

Row2: Ch 1 to turn. Sc in the back bumps of the ch all the way down

Row3: ch 2, remember ch 2 countd as a stitch. Dc all the way down. ch 1 and turn

Row 4: sc all the way down, ch 2 and turn

Row5: Now we are about to start with the alpine stitch. Remember ch2 counts as a stitch, we will be working in row 4s sc stitches and row 3 dc stitches for the pattern.

So in the second stitch of row 3, fpdc, followed by a normal dc in the next available stitch. (if this is your first time with the alpine stitch, watch the video tutorial)

repeat this all the way down,

Row6: ch1, sc all the way

Row 7: Ch2, dc into the second st, fpdc in row 5’s normal dc. To make the alpine stitch, what was a previous rows normal dc will become a fpdc in the next row. Repeat this all the way down

Row 8: sc all the way

From here on we will repeat rows5-7 till we have reached our desired length of the crochet top.

For the size small, i worked till i had 10 inches, you can work till your preference.


Put the top on to see where you want your straps to be. and place stitch markers for the spots

Be sure to end the top on a sc row, now we are going to sc where are buttons are going to be which is the side of the crochet top.

After the row of sc, place 2 sc in the last stitch then turn to work the side. we will place 2sc in every side dc row and skip the sc rows, do this all the way down but be sure to place a sc in the first sc row we made.

when you reach the bottom, ch 1 and turn, work another row of sc.

At the top of your work, ch 1, and sc towards your first stitch marker. When you reach it, sc in the stitch marker st and ch 81. slst in the back loops all the way down, slst in the next available sc to join and sc to the next stitch marker where you will repeat this till your last stitch marker. sc to last sc.

In the last sc stitch, place 2sc as we did earlier and work the last side of the work where we will have the button holes. we will work normal sc as we did on the other side. when you are done with the 2 rows of sc, ch1 and cut the yarn

Sew in the buttons at your desired location and your work is all done.

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