Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern

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Looking for a crochet scarf? This crochet infinity scarf might just be what you are looking for. An infinity scarf is perfect to start your journey into working a bigger project . Scarves like these are projects that look complicated, but are in reality are effortless to create.

This infinity scarf is a one day project, it is a one row repeat, you can crochet while your mind wonders. And as a bonus, it can make a great present. With the cold here, make this crochet infinity scarf for that someone and they will love you forever.

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Once you have made this scarf, you will fall in love with crochet scarves.

crochet infinity scarf

Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

Infinity scarves are my favorite types of scarves to wear.

The fact that they are a close circle, makes it so much easier to use and comfort. They go so well with jean jackets, cardigans, coats you name it. And this crochet scarf can be worn by both men and women.

How Do You Crochet An Infinity Scarf?

Crocheting an infinity scarf can be made in two ways, one way is making a regular scarf working it lengthwise and joining the ends of the scarf

The second method is creating a long starting chain (or a foundation stitch) and joining it to crochet the scarf in the round.

Both methods are easy and you can find a lot of patterns using these two methods that are suitable for beginners.

How long should an infinity scarf be?

Depending on the dit you want, this can be optional. A standard infinity scarf crochet pattern is approximately 50-60” (127-152cm) in circumference.

How wide should an infinity scarf be?

Again, this is absolutely to your taste. You can have your infinity scarf very wide, or not. Bust, the standard crochet infinity scarf is  8” (20.3cm) wide.

That’s being said, you can always change the length and width of your scarf by keeping the patterns’ stitch multiple. And make the scarf as wide as you’d like by repeating the pattern.

Crochet Infinity Scarf Stitches

Infinity scarves are a great crochet for beginners pattern because they can be worked up with basic crochet stitches.

The best part of this pattern list is that all of these are easy to crochet infinity scarves with simple stitches, and most can easily be adjusted to fit any size.

Common Stitches In Scarves

You’ll see stitches like the half double slip stitch(hdslst), half double crochet (hdc), single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc) stitch as well as others used in these scarves.

  • Half Double Crochet (hdc)
  • Single Crochet (sc)
  • Double Crochet (dc)
  • Half double slip stitch

Best Yarn For Crochet Infinity Scarf

The beautiful thing about crochet scarves is that they can be made in any type of yarn, from Fingering weight yarn for a lightweight scarf to chunky yarn for an extra warm and squishy scarf.

Being such a versatile item, you can crochet your scarf with a natural fiber yarn like cotton or bamboo to be perfect for spring and summertime. 

If you love chunky (#5 weight yarn) or super bulky yarn (#6 weight yarncozy scarves, there are quite a few to pick on this list for the cold weather season.

Some of my favorite yarns to crochet infinity scarves with are Caron simply sofy yarn and Maximum value yarn, both of which are from Lion Brand Yarn.

But let’s not forget about the lighter weight infinity crochet scarves, which would be fantastic for cool spring or summer evening.

Good To Know

  • Ch does not count as a stitch
  • The pattern is worked in the back loops only
  • Feel free to work more rows for a wider scarf
  • feel free to make more chains for a longer scarf

Stitch Library

  • Ch- Chain
  • Hdsls- Half double slip stitch
  • Rep- Repeat
  • BLO-Back loop only



  • Gauge: 13 stitches in 14 rows = 4X4
  • Finished scarf measured 62” long and 5” wide

Crochet Infinity Scarf Free Pattern




Ch 201,

ROW 1: into the back bumps only, hdslst, hdslst all the way to the end of the row, ch 1 and turn

ROW 2:BLO hdslst for the whole row, ch 1 and turn

Rep row 2 till row 20 or more if you want some more thickness to your infinity scarf.

At the end, conect the two ends together with your yarn needle, fold it as you would an infinity scarf, and you are DONE!

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