Peachy Crochet Crop Sweater Free Pattern +Tutorial

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Looking to crochet your first sweater? Well i have you covered. Crochet along with me. This crochet crop sweater was actually my first sweater to ever make successfully. This crochet crop sweater features a modern look and fits just well, warm enough for the cold mornings. Your wardrobe will be up to date with this one sweater

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This free crochet sweater is accompanied by a free video tutorial.

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I always found crochet sweaters impossible to make, i remember being told they were challenging and close to impossible.

Well, being a girl who loves a challenge, i decided to give one a go. You won’t believe the joy that filled me to see my first crochet sweater come to life and most of all, how it fit just perfectly.

This crochet crop sweater was made with worsted weight yarn which means it works up relatively quickly. With the use of the half double slip stitch, this crochet sweater starts to look knit, which is what my heart desires.

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Perfect for all, winter and even spring, you can wear this modern crochet crop sweater jumper with about anything. A skirt, pair of jeans or even over a dress. Go crazy and experiment, you are in charge.


The crochet crop sweater free pattern is worked up in 2 body panels being the front and the back, both panels are worked together with the bottom band as i HATE sewing things together. So for the band to be achieved, we switch to the slipstitch.

Then, we sew the sides closed and work on the arms/ sleeves finishing with the neck ribbing which is also achieved using the slip stitch.

crochet crop sweater

If the crochet crop sweater effect is not for you, all you have to do is add more chains to make the sweater longer. If the band happens to be too tight for your waist, you can always resort to a single crochet band instead of a slip stitch as that gives a looser grip.


This cropped crochet sweater uses worsted weight yarn in the color peach . This worsted weight yarn is acrylic and was worked using a 5.0m crochet hook.

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The sample is a size small made on a 5’4 model with a 34″ bust

The sizing guide follows size XS(SMLXL)(2XL3XL4XL5XL). E.g. “Ch 55(59, 63, 71, 75)(83, 87, 95, 99) means Ch 55 for XS, Ch 59 for Small, Ch 63 for Medium, Ch 71 for Large, Ch 75 for XL, Ch 83 for 2XL, Ch 87 for 3XL, Ch 95 for 4XL and Ch 99 for 5XL.” If there is only one number, it applies to all sizes.

The chaining of one does NOT count to a stitch

This whole pattern is worked in the Back Loop to give the ribbed effect

The pattern uses US terminology.


Beginner / Easy


Yarn – worsted weight yarn –

100g, 6(78, 8, 9)(10, 11, 11, 12) skeins

y284 starlettegroup3 1800x1800

$2.99 a ball!

5.00mm crochet hook

capricorn square white

You could never have enough hooks!

Darning needle


41E2nB6q cS. AC SL1200

Yay or Nay

Stitch markers


St(s) = Stitch(es)

Rep = Repeat

Ch- Chain

Hdslst- Half double slip stitch

Slst- Slip stitch

SC- Single crochet


10cm/4” square = 12 stitches wide x 10 rows tall in half double crochet


I know you are eager to get started on this crochet crop sweater, me too, so without wasting too much of your time, enjoy….



With your 5.00 mm crochet hook, make a slip knot and chain 55(55,65,65,75,75,85,85,95) plus one to turn

ROW 1: into the second loop from the hook, do a hdslst, hdslst into all st leaving the 10 at the end. Finish the 10 with slst. ch1 and turn

ROW2: slst into 10 st back loop only, hdslst into the remaining st in the backloops 1 and turn

Rep row 1-2 till rows 3(7,11,11,11,15,15,15,17) you should end at the bottom of your work (the bottom band)



we will now start to increase at the top of our work by placing 2 hdslst in one st. Rep this for 5(5,7,7,9,9,11,11,13) rows. You should end at the top of your work because now we are about to do the shoulder portion of the crochet sweater.

Ch 15(15,20,20,25,25,30,30,35) plus one, hdslst into the second st from the hook. NOTE: No increases for this portion .

Work a total of 5(9,13,13,17,17,21,21,25) rows. You should end at the bottom of your work.


We are now going to start working on the decrease portion of the crochet crop sweater, before getting started on this part, you want to have your stitch markers close. Counting from the top of your work, place a stitch marker in the 5(7,9,9,11,11,13,13,15)th stitch. as these stitches will be left untouched, the 2 after the stitch marker are where we will place our decreases.

Crochet your way up towards the stitch marker, but leave 2 st untouched. This is where we will be placing our decreasing. To decrease, hdslst 2 together. Decrease for a total of 4(8,12,12,16,16,20,20,24) rows ending at the bottom of your work.

leathersale 2 6536a693 136a 4888 b42d

Keep your hooks organised!

Not only stylish but useful!


Now, to work the middle portion of your work! You can see your crop sweater starting to come to life now!

The mid rows are normal, meaning there will be no increases or decreases. To work the middle rows, continue as normal, crochet for 10(14,18,18,20,22,22,26,26 ) rows. You should end at the bottom of your work!


We have reached the middle of our crochet crop sweater. So now, we will start to mirror the sides. Meaning, where we decreased we will decrease on the opposite side. Remember, before the normal rows, we had decreased, now we will decrease the same number of rows.

Work your way up as normal leaving the last st. In the last st, place 2 hdslst, making an increase. Increase for a total of 4(8,12,12,16,16,20,20,24 ) rows. You will end at the bottom of your work.

All sizes will have an extra 1 row which does not make sense, all we want to do is get to the top of the work to chain that long chain so we can work the other shoulder portion. So go on and work your way up, do not increase, but rather when you reach the last st, ch 15(15,20,20,25,25,30,30,35 ) plus one.


Now you will work the same number of rows that you did on the previous shoulder portion, 5(9,13,13,17,17,21,21,25) rows. You should end at the bottom of your work . Following this, we will now work the under arm portion just as we did at the beginning.

Do a decrease of 5(5,7,7,9,9,11,11,13) rows , followed by 3(7,11,11,11,15,15,15,17) normal rows. ch 1 and cut the yarn. Your front portion is all done!


The back panel will be worked exactly as the front panel was worked except from the mid section decreases. all the decrease rows should be treated like normal rows.

For example, you will work using the same number of stitches from the beginning to the part where we finish the shoulder portion, you will not place a stitch marker anywhere, rather, where there should be the rows of decreasing, you will work the same amount of rows just normal. do this to all the numbers provided.

After the shoulder portion, work 18(30,42,42,52,54,62,66,74)


Decrease the same number of rows as you decreased the front portion.

Now the front and pack portion are all done

Sew the sides and shoulders closed with your yarn needle.


Connect your yarn at the under arm portion to work the sleeve. we will go around the arm with a row of sc. placing 1 sc on each row. You should end where you started the SC. slst to join and ch 80(80,80,85,90,90,95,95,95) plus one. these numbers can be easily adjusted to fit your arm length.

slst into the first 10 st, then hdslst the remaining. when you reach the last st, slst into the next sc to join the row, to begin a new row, instead of chaining one, slst into the next sc and turn, this is how we will work the sleeves. Repeat this for both sleeves. Using your yarn needle, sew the sleeves close.


Connect yout yarn at one of the shoulders, just as we did the sleeve, sc all the way around the collar, placing one cn in each row, when you go all the way round, slst into the first sc you made and ch 11, slst into the second st from the hook and slst all the way down, to connect the row, slst into the next sc, to start the next row, slst into the next sc. Rep this all the way aroud. Using your yarn neesle, sew the collar close.


Now that your crochet crop sweater is all done, cut off the loose yarn and weave in the ends. Your hard work was worth it. Throw on those jeans or skirt and be sure to post the outcome in our Facebook group!

Leave a comment down below. where it did not make sense, be sure to reach out! I hope you love your crochet crop sweater.

Happy crafting!