BLO Crochet

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Besic crochet stitches can change to look ribbed and knit with the BLO crochet. When you change where you insert your crochet hook, you change the whole game! There is nothing new or difficult about the back loop crochet stitch and i am going to show you that in this post.

Some patterns that use back loop crochet have different names or abbreviations for this variation of basic stitches.

You might see it as back loop only (blo), through the back loop (tbl), or simply back loop (bl).

The same goes for crocheting through the front loop with similar abbreviations. 

What is a blo crochet?

Blo is a crochet abbreviation for back loop only. When you crochet if you look at the top of the stitches you will see two strands of yarn that make a sideways v shape.

Each strand forms a horizontal bar. These are called loops. The back loop is the strand of yarn furthest away from you. The one closest is called the front loop.

blo crochet
by knotions

The first step is to get familiar with the loops of the crochet stitches, so grab some DK or worsted weight yarn and a crochet hook in a size that matches your yarn, and give it a try.

How to blo crochet

Step 1: Chain

image 331

Begin by making a chain the size of your crochet project. Work the first row as you should in whatever stitch it calls for. The blo crochet pattern will begin in row 2 of your work

Step 2: Find where to insert the crochet hook

image 332

Insert the hook through both loops like you would for regular stitches. With the hook in loops of the stitch, identify the one loop closer to you as the front loop and the loop farther from you as the back loop.

Now that you see the difference, remove the hook and start crocheting through the back loop.

When you work half double, double, and treble crochet, wrap the yarn over as usual and work into the back loop, then finish the stitch.

Step 3: Repeat

image 333

When you repeat the notion, you should get this ribbed crochet project which is the result of the blo crochet technique.

Projects to make with the blo crochet pattern