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So i was looking through Mary Maxim crochet patterns when i came across a whole lot of beautiful free crochet afghan pdf patterns that i just had to share with you all. These crochet patterns are in all sorts of categories, so go crazy. Easy Free Crochet Afghan Pattern Recently i have fallen in love … Read more


Crochet was very intimidating at first when i started to learn, there were no crochet classes i could take, maily because i did not have a specific interest, everything crochet was beautiful and i wanted to learn all of it. Online Crochet Courses These online crochet courses are designed for the modern maker and come … Read more


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So you have just picked up crochet or you have been crocheting for a while but recently wondered what are the types of crochet hooks? Well the answer is there are a lot, and the interesting part is, each type of crochet hook serves a different purpose. Crochet hooks will range in sizes depending on … Read more

Crochet Bag Free Pattern- Macie Summer Bag

In the market for your next crochet project? I have got this free crochet bag free pattern to help you move around with ease this summer or whatever time of year it is. This free crochet bag pattern for beginners will be your favourite crochet item. There is an Ad-Free Printable PDF version of this … Read more


Another collection of beautiful crochet headband and ear warmer free patterns for you to try out. Crochet headbands can be so easy and fun to make, the perfect crochet project for a beginner. None of the patterns shared below are mine, they are all done by beautiful crochet designers who shaed their patterns for free. … Read more

How To Write A Crochet Pattern

If you ever think about starting a crochet business, then learning how to write a crochet pattern is something you need to pick up early. Assuming you wish to sell crochet patterns. However, even if you are not plannin on selling any of the crochet patterns, learning how to write a crochet pattern is a good skill … Read more

Crochet Duster Cardigan Free Pattern + Tutorial

There is a Printable PDF Pattern available for grabs, incase ads annoy you!! Be sure to share your progress in our FaceBook group which is slowly growing. Be sure you Join, Tag us on Instagram and Pinterest with what’s on your hook of late, you never know who you’re gonna inspire. The crochet everyday duster cardigan comes in after the Crochet Everyday sweater, in case … Read more

Crochet Patchwork Sweater Free Pattern + Tutorial

There is an Ad-Free printable PDF Pattern available, CLICK HERE to purchase. The patterns has a video tutorial to make the work easier, so scroll down to see it! Be sure to join our FaceBook group so you do not miss out on future give aways and free patterns. I enjoy working with colors, this was an experiment that came out … Read more

Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern

This post may contain affiliate links, view the disclaimer policy For the Ad-Free Printable PDF crochet Pattern, click here, Be sure to join our Facebook group, the family is slowly growing and we would love to have you. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest too!!! I had been thinking of crocheting this easy cardigan, but i always slept on the design until … Read more

Crochet Mosaic Blanket Free Pattern + Tutorial

This crochet mosaic blanket free pattern was inspired by my love for mixing colours. I love to play around with colours and see what the outcome will bring. And i was impressed. What is a crochet mosaic blanket? A crochet mosaic blanket is a type of crochet blanket that features a distinctive design created using … Read more