Hi there, a crochet cardigan is always a way to spice up an outfit, i say this because i have been rocking a cardigan all weekend. Remember the 40% Etsy discount? It is still on so be sure to grab the PDF Pattern of this crochet cardigan while the discounts runs. While you are there … Read more

Crochet Boho summer top

Let’s make the easiest crochet boho summer top you ever made. The 40% Discount is still on, be sure to get the Printable PDF of this crochet summer top while the discount lasts. If you are on FaceBook then join the Sitncrochet group and have accesss to a lot more free patterns. I was slightly … Read more

Crochet waffle stitch blanket pattern

This post may contain affiliae links, be sure to see the disclaimer policy. For the Printable PDF Pattern on Etsy, CLICK HERE. Join our Facebook group, because all the awesome crochet stars are doing that LOL!. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest too. So last year in September 2021, this girl here got a nephew. … Read more

Fun & Easy Crochet cardigan free pattern

Hi there my crochet lovers, looking for something fast and easy to work up? Then look no further than this crochet cardigan free pattern! In this article, i will guide you to crocheting this beginner friendly masterpiece that is so comfortable and beautiful!. It looks knit which is my absolute favourite part about this cardigan … Read more

Crochet mosaic blanket pattern + tutorial

This crochet mosaic blanket was inspired by my love for mixing colors. I love to play around with colors and see what the outcome will bring. And i was impressed. The mosaic crochet blanket promises warmth where ever you are. It is worked using the very simplest and regular stitches you know. The SC– Single … Read more

5 ways to avoid pain when crocheting

Recently as i was reading through the FaceBook group, i saw a post from one of the makers who had a clot in the arm. I was so scared when i saw it because it definitely was not the first time i ever heard of it. So there are some crafters who suffer crochet injuries. … Read more

blogging income report

I have never truly understood why people hide their monthly incomes , salary or what be it. Maybe i will understand when i have received my first pay check LOL!! However, i am more than excited to share with you my entire journey for at least the first 12 months or when you all get … Read more

How to crochet a twisted headband

This post contains affiliate links. read our disclaimer policy for details crochet twisted headband/earwarmer While we are still in the spirits of giving and gifting, this crochet twisted headband and or ear warmer is the perfect low budget last minute present. This ear warmer calls for one skein of yarn,so it is perfect for that … Read more