Crochet Boobs Pattern

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Looking for a crochet boobs pattern to support the breast cancer movement or you just feel like crocheting one? Well, i you have come to the right place. I have put together a list of a few crochet knockers that i believe are easy to make.

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Easy Crochet Knockers (Boobs) Pattern

I was gonna wait till breast cancer awareness month, but cancer does not wait for then, so any day is perfect to make these crochet boobs and give them out to women who could need them.

Crochet prosthetic breasts can be a great alternative as they are light and skin friendly. make one gift it to a few people. They will remember your kindness.

What are Crochet boobs (Knitted Knockers)?

Knitted knockers, or as we will call them crochet boobs in this articles, are a special set of handmade prosthetic breasts made for women who have undergone a procedure where the breast was removed.

As traditional breast prosthetics or implants are usually expensive, heavy, sweaty and uncomfortable to wear, the crochet boobs or knitted knockers provide are more environmental friendly, affordable and comfortable alternative.

What are knitted Knockers Used For?

Knitted knockers are used as a substitute for prosthetic breasts for womrn who have undergone brest cancer and had their breast removed. There may be other reasons for the knitted knockers, but they are commonly known for breast cancer awareness.

If you know someone who underwent this procedure even if it was not breast cacer, you can always show them love and kindness by making them these.

How do you crochet a breast prosthesis?

This is as simple as crocheting an amigurumi head, you will start with a magic ring and work your way around increasiing till you have the size cup you are making. Following this will be a few rows of decrease, do not forget to add the filling. Then you crochet the nipple if you would like your crochet boobs t have nipples.

How do you crochet niples?

Just as we starting with the crochet boob, make a magic ring, ch 1, place 6 single crochets, slip stitch to join the row. For the second row, you will work a single crochet in each of the previous rows single crochets. Be sure to keep the tension the same.

Chain 1 and turn, at the end you shoulf have 12 stitches. The next rows will be single crochet 1 and then increase (2 single crochet) in one stitch.

Depending on the colour of crochet knockers you are making, the nipple colours will also be diferent. Keep that in mind.

Supplies For Crochet Boobs

The approved yarn for knitted knockers are the lion brand Coboo yarn as it is skin friendly. Together with it’s corresponding crochet hooks, polyfil , stitch markers as well as scissors and yarn needle.

Remember the materials suggested in this post are affiliat links, so i make a small ($0.40) comission from your purchase. If you love crochet migurumis, then i got you covered.

Crochet Boobs Pattern

1. Crocheted Boobies

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Here is a fast crochet boobs project. Using the double crochet, you will be done before you even know it. You can get the crochet patter boobies pattern HERE.

2. Technicolour Boobies

crochet boobs pattern

Who says crochet boobs cannot be fun? Here is another crochet boob paattern that does not call for special yarn colourss. Get the pattern HERE

3. Crochet Boobies

image 28

This crochet breast will last you a while, made with a tight crochet stitch, you will enjoy making it. Pattern here.

4. Crochet Boobies Pattern

image 29

As much as i wanted to share all free crochet patterns, i could not since the crochet boobs are rare, which is why we need you to make a few.

With that, that is all the crochet boobs patterns i had for you. Be sure to share this blog post,.

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