Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

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When it comes to the holiday, i love me some handmade Christmas decorations. So let’s find the perfect Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern today for your tree!

In this article, we will look through a few Christmas tree skirt crochet patterns that will look best in your home under your tree, which i believe you already have right now!.

crochet Christmas tree skirt

Let me just say, one of these crochet Christmas tree skirt patterns are mine, i am sharing other talented crocheters work to promote, and of course, help you find the perfect tree skirt this holidays!

But before we get there…..

What is a crochet Christmas Tree Skirt?

A Christmas tree skirt is a decorative piece placed beneath the base of your Christmas tree. Its primary purpose is to enhance the overall aesthetics of your tree display while concealing the tree stand and providing a cozy foundation for your presents.

Crochet techniques to know

Before diving into your Christmas tree skirt project, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with some basic crochet techniques. These include:

  1. Chain Stitch (Ch): The foundation of most crochet projects, including tree skirts.
  2. Single Crochet (Sc): Creates a tight and sturdy fabric ideal for tree skirts.
  3. Double Crochet (Dc): Provides a taller stitch that adds texture and design possibilities.
  4. Magic Ring (or Magic Circle): Used for creating a seamless, closed center when working in the round.

Mastering these techniques will give you the foundation needed to crochet your Christmas tree skirt with confidence.

image 23

Can beginners Crochet a Christmas skirt?


Crocheting a Christmas tree skirt can be a rewarding project for beginners. The key is to choose a simple pattern and practice your stitches before starting.

Only focus on the patterns labelled as “beginner-friendly” or “easy” to build your skills gradually.

Supplies You Will Need

Before you embark on your crochet Christmas tree skirt project, gather the following supplies:

  1. Crochet Hooks: Choose an appropriate hook size based on your yarn selection and pattern.
  2. Yarn: Opt for a yarn that suits your desired texture, colour, and thickness.
  3. Scissors: For cutting yarn and weaving in ends.
  4. Tapestry Needle: Essential for weaving in loose yarn ends.
  5. Stitch Markers: Useful for keeping track of your rounds.

Best Yarn For Christmas Tree Skirt

When selecting yarn for your tree skirt, consider the visual and tactile qualities you want to achieve. Acrylic yarn is a popular choice due to its affordability and ease of care. However, natural fibres like cotton or wool can provide a more luxurious and textured finish.

How Much Yarn Do You Need to Crochet a Christmas Tree Skirt?

The amount of yarn required for your crochet Christmas tree skirt depends on its size, stitch pattern, and yarn thickness. Most patterns will provide an estimate of the yardage needed. To be safe, it’s a good idea to buy a little extra to avoid running out of yarn mid-project.

What Stitches are best for a Christmas Tree Skirt

The best stitches for a crochet Christmas tree skirt are typically single crochet (Sc) or a combination of single and double crochet stitches (Dc).

Single crochet creates a dense and sturdy fabric that lays flat, while double crochet adds texture and visual interest to your design. T

he choice depends on your preferred style and pattern.

Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patterns

Go through this collection of Christmas tree skirts and see what fits best for you

1.Superstar Holiday Tree Skirt

crochet Christmas tree skirt pattern

We start with this beautiful red and green (perfect festive colours) tree skirt. This can be an intermediate beginner crochet project as it calls for decrease and increases.

You have to keep count of your stitches and on the red rows, there is use of a granny stitch. These can be a bit overwhelming to the absolute beginner, so if you are an absolute beginner, let’s keep reading through the patterns.

For this beauty, head HERE for the free crochet pattern.

2. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Skirt

Ornament Christmas 1

Where are my beginner crocheters? This crochet Christmas tree skirt patter is just for you. My fave part is the use of chunky yarn, you are done before you know it! This Christmas skirt uses absolute beginner friendly stitches , the new thing you will need to know here is how to increase, and how to work in the back loops to make the ribbed look we can see here!

For the free skirt pattern, head over HERE.

3. Granny Ripple Tree Skirt

image 15

If you are a lover of crochet granny square projects, then here is your Christmas tree skirt. Look no further. This is a paid pattern, so you will be spending under $4.00 to own this beauty. Head HERE for the pattern.

4. Christmas Tree Skirt

image 17

Another free and fun tree skirt to look into to. Head HERE for the free download.

5. Holly Jolly Christmas Tree Skirt

Ornament Christmas 2

Grab the crochet patterns HERE

6. Pompom Trimmed Tree Skirt

Ornament Christmas 3

There is something about pompoms that i just love. Sadly, i suck at making them, but they look too good to resist on this Christmas tree skirt. Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

7. Gorgeous Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

image 19

Grab the paid skirt pattern HERE.

8. Christmas Tree Skirt

image 20

Here is another paid beautiful crochet pattern. Grab this tree skirt patter HERE.

9. Pine Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt Patten

image 21

If you are an experienced crochet and you love some colour work, the this is the tree skirt for you! Looks great in any space, grab the crochet pattern HERE.

10. Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

image 24

Grab the paid pattern HERE on Etsy.

11. Christmas Tree Skirt Crochet Pattern

image 25

Another granny hexagon stitch with holiday colours. I love this personally, and i know i would play around with the colours. Grab the pattern HERE.

12. Crochet Bobble Stitch Christmas Tree Skirt Patern

image 26

Grab the paid pattern HERE.

13. Vintage Crochet Chery Tree Skirt

image 27

Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

14. Chunky Christmas Tree Skirt Pattern

image 28

Grab the pattern HERE.

15. Gingerbread Tree Skirt Pattern

image 29

Grab the crochet pattern HERE.

FAQs about Crochet Christmas Skirts

Let’s address some common questions related to crochet Christmas tree skirts:

Can You Vacuum A Crochet Christmas Skirt?

While it’s generally not recommended to vacuum a crochet item directly, you can gently shake or pat the skirt to remove loose debris. If necessary, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment on the lowest suction setting to avoid damaging the stitches.

Can A Crochet Christmas Skirt Go In the washing machine?

Most crochet Christmas tree skirts should be hand-washed in cold water with mild detergent to preserve their shape and integrity. Avoid wringing or twisting, and gently press out excess water with a towel. Lay it flat to dry to maintain its appearance.

How to keep a crochet Christmas Skirt from slipping

To prevent your crochet Christmas tree skirt from slipping on the floor, you can place a non-slip rug pad or gripper mat underneath it. This will provide stability and ensure that your skirt stays in place throughout the holiday season.

Now that you have everything you need to start your Christmas tree skirt crochet journey, and how to care for it, i wish you all the luck. I would love to see what you made, so feel free to tag me on Instagram!

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