Crochet Bag Free Pattern- Macie Summer Bag

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In the market for your next crochet project? I have got this free crochet bag free pattern to help you move around with ease this summer or whatever time of year it is. This free crochet bag pattern for beginners will be your favorite crochet item.

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There is an Ad-Free Printable PDF version of this crochet Macie Summer Bag Pattern,

Modern Crochet Bag Free Pattern

Going out rocking a me make is one of th great joys of being a crocheter. The thrill that nobody else will be looking at you is just priceless.

A crochet bag is the perfect warm weather project for you. Take a break fro the crochet blankets and sweaters and make a quick crochet project you can enjoy the same day.

The Crochet bag can be a great crochet gift idea, i know we have a few months to christmas, but who says you cannot prepare early?

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How do you crochet a bag?

Making a crochet bag and any other project is not that different. This easy crochet bag free pattern does not ask for much but a few crochet supplies. To crochet a bag you need:

  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Beads (if recomended)
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors
  • Crochet bag pattern

Best yarn for a crochet bag

The yarn used for a crochet bad depends on the bag and the function it is to serve. Some bags will call for T-shirt Yarn, while others (most)use cotton yarn as it is durable than acrylic yarns.

Some crochet bags will use a chunky yarn, but the majority wil call for a worsted weight yarn However, in this crochet Macie Summer bag free pattern, we will use a DK weight yarn.

Tips or crocheting a bag

When it comes to making the best crochet bag for yourself, here are a few tips i have for you.

  • Add a lining– Adding a lining to your modern crochet bag will mead your bag will be durable for many years to come, it gives the bag a professional finished look while ensuring that your possessions are kept safe.
  • Follow the gauge– To ensure that the crochet bag you are making coms out as the bag pattern you are following, it is best to make sure that the gauge you are making is similar to the one of the crochet bag patterns
  • Have all the supplies suggested– By using the necessary supplies suggested b the crochet bag pattern, it ensures your finished crochet bag is as beautiful as you expected it to be. From the yarn, crochet hook size, zips, beads etc…

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Crochet Bag Free PatternMacie Summer


The design inspiration for this crochet bag free pattern was from my love for simple and fast crochet projects. The color was a must because I wanted something to remind me of the bright summer days. And as you may know, my love for the knitting stitch had a major role to play in the creation of this crochet macie summer bag.

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I used a DK weight yarn, the materials used in this crochet bag free pattern are all linked in the materials section, and they are affiliate links, which means I will make a small commission should you decide to purchase using my link. Please do so as it helps keep my lights on and encourages me to keep making these beautiful crochet patterns.






DK weight yarn

4.5mm crochet hook


Stitch marker

Yarn needle


2 balls of 100g DK weight yarn linked above.


Ch- Chain

Sc- Single crochet

Exsc- Extended single crochet

Slst- slip stitch

BLO- Back loop only

REP- repeat


-The crochet pattern uses the waistcoat stitch, so the pattern is worked in the center of the sc to achieve the knit look, so for the entire crochet bag, we will insert the crochet hook in the center.

– Ch 1 does not count as a stitch

-The back loop is only worked in one row

– The first stitch of the bag is always worked as a normal exsc.

-The bag can be made bigger or smaller depending on your choice.


Ch 30, into the second ch from the hook, in the back bump of the ch, sc. Sc all the way to the last ch. In the last ch, place 2 more sc in the same ch to make 3 total sc.( place a stitch marker on the middle stitch)

Continue to work on the other side of the foundation ch by placing one sc in each ch, in the last ch of the row (which is where we placed our first sc), place 2 sc. Slst to the first sc made, ch1 .

Place 2 sc in that stitch, sc in all the stitches till the stitch marker where you will place 2 sc, finish the row, slst to join.

We are done working the bag base.

Ch 1, and sc in the BLO to separate the bag from the base and body. We are not increasing anymore for the rest of the crochet bag pattern.

Slst to join, ch 1. Exsc in the st as joining, exsc working the waistcoat stitch in the rest of the stitches.

Rep this for the whole bag till you have 9” worked or to your desired height.

Finish the top by making 4-6 sc rows at the top. Ch 1 and cut.


To make the bag straps, place a stitch markers  where you want the bag straps to be, join your yarn on one bah strap and ch 95. Slst to join at the other stitch marker. Turn and work one row of exsc till the end of the ch. Ch1 and cut, weave in all the ends.

Your  crochet Bag Free Pattern Macie summer bag is all done and dusted!!