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types of crochet hooks
By Yelena, Kindofknits

So you have just picked up crochet or you have been crocheting for a while but recently wondered what are the types of crochet hooks? Well the answer is there are a lot, and the interesting part is, each type of crochet hook serves a different purpose.

Crochet hooks will range in sizes depending on the purpose they are to serve, but the most common difference found among crochet hooks are:

  • Materials used to make the crochet hook
  • Size of the crochet hook
  • Length of the crochet hook

Each of this will be taken down to fuller details for better understanding. After reading this post, you will know all the types of crochet hooks there are and that there is so much more to crochet hooks and crocheting in general.

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Difference Between Crochet Hooks

Crochet hooks main difference is in their size, they come in different shapes and sizes, mainly due to the different functionalities they serve. Some are just for beautification, but most crochet hooks take to consideration tension and health.

Crochet hooks can be so tiny, mainly called thread crochet hooks which go as low as 0.60mm and they can get so big over 16.00mm. However, these crochet hooks may be knows differently depending on where you reside or where you purchased your crochet hook.

For a clear understanding of a crochet hook, refer to the chart below.

Crochet hooks size chart

2.00 mm014
4.5 mm7
5.00 mmH/86
5.5 mmI/95
6.0 mmJ/104
6.5 mmK/10.53
7.0 mm2
8.00 mmL/110
9.00 mmM/1300
10.00 mmN/15000
15.00 mmP/Q
16.00 mmQ

7 Types Of Crochet Hooks

Most people will tell you there are 4 types of crochet hooks other two or even five, personally i have put together 7 types of crochet hooks, let me know if you know more.

  • Tunisian crochet hooks
  • Ergonomic crochet hooks
  • Light up crochet hooks
  • The Knook crochet hooks
  • Fancy crochet hooks
  • Regular crochet hooks

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1. Tunisian crochet hooks

types of crochet hooks
By Susan, Fluffystitches.com

Tunisian crochet hooks are the long crochet hooks as the picture above displays. The regular crochet hook is usually 6 inches long, the Tunisian crochet hook can be between 10″ to 14″.

The Tunisian crochet hooks use a special Tunisian crochet stitch which gives the finished crochet project (usually blankets) a knitted finish look.

Types of Tunisian crochet hook

The Tunisian crochet hooks come in different styles as they serve different purposes. Some Tunisian crochet hooks have heads on each ends….

image 8 2
By Magic needles

Or, they may have a cable connecting one head end to the other, these are perfect for crocheting blankets.

image 8 3

2. Regular Crochet hooks

image 8

These are crochet hooks that can be found in your regular craft store. Commonly used by beginner crocheters or any crocheter really. They are affordable and can last a very long time as they are made of metal.

3. Ergonomic Crochet Hooks

image 9

These are crochet hooks with the metal head and made of rubber, acrylic or plastic at the base to allow better grip. These crochet hooks are perfect with people who have a hand conditions like arthritis or carpal tunnel and cannot work with a regular crochet hook.

4. Light Up Crochet hooks

image 9 1

Light up crochet hooks, as the name suggests, light up. They are meant to assist you to crochet in dim light as the crochet hook head light up to help you better see your stitches as you crochet. You get to work while people are sleeping and nobody will complain about the lights.

5. The Knook crochet hooks

image 9

These knook crochet hooks are another the of crochet called knooking. The ends result of the crochet project also resembles the knitting stitch.

The crochet hook has an eye at the tip where you insert your yarn.

6. Thread crochet hooks

image 10

These are the very tiny crochet hooks that allow you to work with thread. Crochet projects like bags, doilies, etc may call for a thread crochet hook as long as the crochet pattern tells you to use thread.

7. Fancy Crochet hooks

image 10

These are considered ergonomic crochet hooks too, however, their beauty and fanciness makes the stand out. I cannot wait to get my hands on this crochet hook.

You can get yours today if you want.

Types Of Crochet Hook Tips

If you have taken a proper look at the types of crochet hooks, you may have noticed that some crochet hooks have inline tops while others have tapered tips.

The inline tip crochet hooks have a more flat head than round where as the tapered tip crochet hooks have a more round head.

image 11

Anatomy Of A Crochet Hook

image 12
By brianaK

The head of the crochet hook is what determines the size of the crochet hook (shaft too). The head keeps the yarn from slipping off the crochet hook and in place.

The throat and shaft allow the yarn to move, so as you do not make the stitches too tight ot too loose.

The grip, or also knows as the handle is where we see the different types of crochet hooks now. The variations between ergonomic, and regular crochet hooks come in. As seen above, some can be made with acrylic, rubber, wood etc…

This is where you hold your crochet hook while your palm rests on the handle. This will however depend on how you hold your crochet hook. Everyone has their ways of holding a crochet hook but there are two common ways to hold a crochet hook.

How To Hold A Crochet Hook

The two known ways to hold the crochet hook are the Knife grip and the Pencil grip. Which one are you?

Knife grip/ hold

image 13
By Crochettherapy

The knife hold or grip is where you hold the crochet hook as you would a knife. I find this way makes me crochet a bit slower, however, my arm can work for much longer without getting cramps.

Pencil grip/ hold

image 14

This is where you hold your crochet hook as if you are holding a pencil or pen. There might be more ways to hold your crochet hook, but i personally, have only seen these two.

How do you hold your crochet hooks? Comment below.