Crochet Pumpkin Applique Pattern

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Looking for the perfect fall crochet pattern? Then i have these crochet pumpkin applique patterns for you to make this thanksgiving. From crochet pumpkin coasters to pumpkin decor.

Grab your hook and get started with this free pumpkin patterns. Whether you’re crafting a few for your home or gearing up for craft fair season, you’ll love this easy fall crochet project.

Free Crochet Pumpkin Applique Pattern

If you’re looking for a super simple project to get into the fall spirit, you’ll love these cute crocheted pumpkins!

In this post, I’ll walk you through a quick and easy pattern that you can use to make fall decor for your home or sell at seasonal craft fairs. They’re worked flat with an easy combination of basic stitches, so the perfect choice for beginner crocheters. No complex shaping required!

What is a crochet applique?

A crochet applique is a small decorative motif or design created using crochet techniques. It is typically made separately from the main crochet project and then attached or sewn onto the surface of another item, such as clothing, accessories, home decor, or even other crochet pieces.

crochet butterfly applique book cover
free crochet book cover

Crochet appliques can be made in various shapes, sizes, and designs, ranging from simple geometric shapes to intricate floral patterns, animals, letters, and more. They add a personalised touch and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your crochet projects.

Applique crochet allows you to incorporate additional details, textures, and colours into your work, making it a versatile technique that can elevate the overall look of your creations. It provides endless possibilities for customisation and enables you to express your creativity by adding unique embellishments to your crocheted items.

Supplies You Will Need

Always check your pattern’s supplies list before getting started on your project. Here are some of the most common supplies you’ll need to make a crochet pumpkin applique pattern.

Crochet Pumpkin Applique Patterns

1. Crochet Pumpkin Applique

crochet pumpkin applique pattern

First of all, we start with this simple beginner friendly pumpkin applique crochet pattern. Made in different sizes, you can use some of the as place mats on your thanksgiving dinner! Grab the free crochet pattern HERE.

2. Crocheted Pumpkin Applique Free Pattern

pumpkin coaster crochet pattern

If you are looking for a very fast pumpkin applique crochet pattern then this is the one for you. Grab the free pattern HERE.

3. Pumpkin Applique Crochet Pattern

crochet pumpkin coaster pattern

Grab the free crochet pumpkin applique pattern HERE.

4. Crochet Pumpkin Applique Coaster Free Pattern

free pumpkin coaster pattern

Grab the free pattern HERE.

5. Pumpkin crochet coaster

image 3

Grab the free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me.

How to use a crocheted applique

  • Clothing Embellishments: Attach crocheted appliques to the pockets, collars, cuffs, or hems of clothing items like sweaters, cardigans, dresses, or t-shirts. They can add a touch of whimsy, elegance, or personification to your outfits.
  • Accessory Accents: Jazz up your accessories by adding crochet appliques. Attach them to hats, scarves, headbands, bags, or even shoes to create unique and eye-catching pieces.
  • Home Decor: Spruce up your home decor with crocheted appliques. Sew them onto throw pillows, blankets, table runners, curtains, or even lampshades to add a cozy and decorative touch to your living spaces.
  • Baby Items: Crocheted appliques work wonderfully on baby items. Add them to onesies, bibs, blankets, or even nursery decor like mobiles or wall hangings. They can bring an adorable and playful element to baby-related projects.
  • Greeting Cards: Create charming handmade greeting cards by attaching crochet appliques to the front. They can make your cards extra special for occasions like birthdays, holidays, or baby showers.
  • Scrapbooking: If you’re into scrapbooking or memory keeping, crochet appliques can be wonderful additions to your pages. Attach them to photo corners, borders, or as standalone accents to highlight special moments.
  • Gift Wrapping: Make gift-giving more delightful by incorporating crocheted appliques into your gift wrapping. Attach them to gift tags, ribbons, or directly onto the wrapping paper for a unique and personalised touch.
  • Hair Accessories: Create one-of-a-kind hair accessories by attaching crochet appliques to hair clips, barrettes, or headbands. They can add a stylish and playful element to your hairstyles.
  • Pet Accessories: Show some love to your furry friends by using crocheted appliques on their accessories. Attach them to pet collars, harnesses, or even make cute pet toys featuring crochet appliques.
  • Scrap Yarn Projects: Utilise leftover yarn by making small crochet appliques. Sew them onto scrap yarn projects like blankets, potholders, or mug cosies to add pops of colour and texture.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to experiment and explore different ways to incorporate crochet appliques into your projects.

The possibilities are endless, and you can truly make your creations unique and personalised with these delightful embellishments.