Butterfly Crochet Book Cover Pattern

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If you are in search for a quick and easy crochet book cover pattern, then this one here is the one. Look no further. I was sat down for a day and this butterfly crochet book sleeve was done! I love it, my bible has a home, i am sure you will love yours too.

This book sleeve crochet pattern is available as a PDF pattern in case you are looking for an Ad-Free PDF then you can check Ravelry for $1.99 or check out Ribblr for $1.50!

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Crochet Book Cover Pattern

As much as i keep calling it a crochet book cover, it is really a bible cover for me. I am not sure what you are making it for, but i know it is covering a book of some sort.

When i saw that my bible was staring to ruin at the corners, i knew i had to do something. What better thing to make than a crochet book cover? So i got to designing and this butterfly book sleeve was born.

The applique can be a preference but i think it completes my crochet book cover and gives it a touch of me! Butterflies are just too cute!

Book cover crochet construction

This pattern will not give you numbers to work with since your book is not the same as my bible. However, this book sleeve is worked in a very easy to follow manner.

We begin by measuring the length of your book and making a chain that matches it, this chain will be the foundation of your book sleeve. From there, we will work a flat chunk that will be the thickness of the book.

We then have the foundation of our book cover, from there on, we work the rest of the body in the round till out crochet book cover is the length we want (till your book fits in to your desired outcome).

Then we go on to finish it and add the button, then applique of you want and there you go, your crochet book sleeve is done!

butterfly book sleeve free pattern

Crochet book sleeve materials

This pattern can easily be a scrap yarn project, but if you need to catch up on your crochet supplies, then Most patterns suggest using cotton yarn in either a DK or worsted weight. Cotton yarn is easy for beginners to use, and gives your projects great stitch definition, too!

Don’t have cotton? Not a problem. You can use worsted-weight acrylic too.

When in search for crochet hooks, if you care for beauty and comfort, then Furls is your go to place. They have a variety of beautiful ergonomic crochet hooks you will definitely love!

Tips to crocheting a book sleeve

If this is your first time crocheting a book/ laptop sleeve, then just keep look out for a few things as you go.

  • Read through the pattern– Before you begin crocheting, be sure to read the whole pattern to catch any new crochet stitches or tricks you might need to learn before hand
  • Make a gauge swatch– Never leave out the gauge swatch! Always follow the gauge the pattern gives if you want the final piece to look exactly like tat of the picture. If your gauge is different from the pattern, you can go up or down a hook size or change the yarn weight.
  • Have access to all the materials– Be sure to have access to all the materials that the crochet pattern is asking for.
  • Only change thing when you are sure– It is not a must that your crochet project should look 100% exactly like the pictures, you can play around with some yarn colour or a few other things but only do this when you are sure of what you are doing

Crochet stitches to make a book cover

The most common stitch used to crochet a book sleeve is the single crochet. In some patterns you might come across the half double crochet while others are accommodating the shell stitch. You can use any stitch you want, but if i was to pick one, the single crochet it is!

Book cover measurements

Gauge: 14 stitches in 16 rows = 4”X4”

Sizes: Free size

Level: Beginner (Easy)

Stitch library

Ch- chain

Sc- single crochet 

Slst- slip stitch 

Cont- continue 

Rep- repeat

Pattern notes

Ch 1 does not count as a stitch 

We work the entire book cover in the round

Chain more for a bigger crochet book sleeve

Work more rows for a bigger book cover

We crochet into the back bumps of the foundation chain

Free Crochet Book Cover Pattern

Lay your book flat and make a ch that covers the length of the book. Let the ch lay off the book to ensure the book fits in without trouble.

ROW 1: In the back bumps, sc. sc for the whole row at the ed, ch 1 and turn

ROW 2: Work sc across the whole row. Ch 1, turn

ROW 3: Rep this till you have a little swatch that covers the thickness of the book. 

crochet book cover


To begin working in the rounds, ch 1, and place sc on the side sc rows. Since i worked 4 rows, i had 4 sc to place, We are going around the whole crochet book sleeve base placing sc to create the base for the bag. 

When you read where you began the round, slst to join, ch 1 and sc in the same stitch as joining.

Do this for the entire length of your book. Be sure to place the book inside to know if you like the fit. When the book is all covered in your book sleeve, then we can move on to the next step.


When you have reached your desired length with the crochet book cover, lay it flat and locate where you want your button to  be. Place the stitch marker on the opposite side of the book sleeve.

Slst your way to the stitch marker, when you get there, make a ch that can reach the button with the book inside, then proceed to slst around.

Fasten off and connect the button. Then move to the final step


To add the butterfly applique, i used this video tutorial.

Then I connected it to the book sleeve with the yarn needle using the same butterfly applique colour. 

book sleeve crochet pattern

I hope you love it!!

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