Crochet Cross Body Bag Free Pattern

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This crochet bag pattern started as a fun little product of necessity. I do not like carrying around big bags, so i thought of making something fancy, small and stylish.

Crochet Bag Free Pattern
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This little crochet bag pattern is about as basic and beginner friendly as any crochet bag, but you’ll immediately have something more useful than just a coaster or decorative square.

crochet cross body bag free patter | sitncrochet

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If there’s someone in your life that you think would benefit from learning to crochet, young or not so much, this is a really great starter project.

There’s a little bit more immediate results and satisfaction than some larger projects, so I think these kinds of things are a great, quick win to spark someone’s creative talents.

One of the coolest parts of this “how to crochet a bag” tutorial is the fact that you can literally use any scrap yarn you have.

Everyone from kids to teens to adults can use these kind of little trinkets of convenience.

I’ll show you how to crochet a cross body bag with a super simple written pattern and video tutorial. The free pattern couldn’t be easier, it’s just a 1 row repeat using a alpine stitch.

If you’re looking for some similar, small projects for making as gifts, check some of these out, I think they’re really cool and they’ve always been popular for gifts and what not.

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If you’d like a video tutorial to follow along, be sure to scroll down to the bottom


Stitches Used and Code (US Terms)

  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch(es)
  • sc = single crochet
  • dc = double crochet
  • Fpdc = Front post double crochet
  • Slst= Slip stitch
  • REP = repeat

Skill Level



  • The crochet bag is worked in the round
  • Ch 1 and 2 does not count as a stitch

Crochet Cross body Bag free pattern

Ch 15

Into the second ch from the hook, place a sc (insert a stitch marker in the first sc), and sc all the way down.

Into the last ch, place 3 sc, be sure to place stitch marker in the first sc you place.

We will now work the other side of the foundation ch, be sure to work over the tail as you go. On the other side of the ch, place sc’ all the way to the first sc with a stith marker, into the last stitch, place 2 sc. Slst into the first sc made.

Ch1, and place 2 sc into the same stitch be sure to place a stitch marker into the first sc you make, sc all the way to the next stitch marker. Place 2 sc into each of the next 3 stitches, place a sc into the other stitches, leaving the last 2.

Into the last 2 stitches, place 2 sc in each, slst to join the row and ch 2.

We are now going to start working on the alpine stitch,

Into the same st as joining, place a dc, dc into the back loops of the rest of the sitches, slst to join, ch 1.

The next row will be a sc row, so sc into every st all the way around (we are NOT working into the back loops anymore). At the end of the row, slst to join, ch 2.

Place a dc into the front post of the previous dc row followed by a normal dc n the next stitch, rep this all the way around placing a fpdc then a normal dc. At the end of the row, slst to join and ch 1.

Sc all the way around for the next row. Slst to join and ch 2.

We are back to the alpine stitch pattern, so start with a normal dc since the previous one was a fpdc, we will work a normal dc where we placed a fpdc in the previous row and a fpdc where we placed a normal dc in the previous row.

This is what brings the alpine stitch pattern to life.

Rep this pattern for the desired length of your crochet cross body bag. If you wish to strictly follow this crochet bag pattern, then stop when you have 6″.

To complete the top of the crochet bag, work 2 rows of sc, do not cut off the yarn, the work should end on the side of the bag, now you will ch 170/180 or whatever number you need to have the bag cross your body, after you have your ch, slst to the opposite side of the bag and turn, placec a sc in the back bumps of the ch, when you reach the last ch, slst into the next availale sc, ch 1 and cut.

Weave in the ends, and your crochet cross body bag is all complete. How do you like it?

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  1. I’m trying this cross over bag for my granddaughters birthday.
    Thank you for sharing.

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