Men’s Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

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If you are in search for a men’s crochet sweater patttern, then welcome! There are too many women’s crochet sweaters and cardigan, but when it comes to men’s crochet sweaters, they are lacking.

So i have brought you this crochet men’s sweater pattern that is available in 9 sizes for you. For the PDF pattern, find it on Ravelry, Ribblr, Lovecrafts and Etsy

men's crochet sweater pattern

This crochet colour block men’s crochet sweater is worked using three colours that can all be your personal choice. You can easily make this a christmas sweater by adding holiday colours or, you can make it a solid colour. The choice is all yours.

It can easily be a women’s sweater as well as a crochet men’s sweater. That is the beauty of this crochet pattern.

Easy Men’s Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

This pattern is an intermediate beginners crochet sweater pattern. I have noticed a lot of people say they are unfamiliar with the half double slip stitch, some call it the yarn over slip stitch.

image 203

It is a stitch that resembles a knit project. That is why i love it so much.

download 70

Best Yarn For Crochet Men’s Sweater

The crochet pattern calls for a DK weight yarn. The best yarn for a crochet men’s sweater needs to be a kind of yarn that will behave well on your skin. Mary Maxim has just the yarn for you. The Mellowspun DK yarn is a great choice.

You can always pick a yarn of your choice if you have one in mind.


This men’s crochet sweater calls for a few materials

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Can i crochet a sweater as a beginer?

As a beginner, i know crocheting your fist men’s sweater can be challenging. I was scared to crochet my first sweater, i never got the mesurements right to the point i ended up with a crop sweater.

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If you are still relatively new to crocheting, then consider signing up for a crochet course.

How To Crochet A Men’s Sweater

The way you work a men’s crochet sweater and a women’s crochet sweater is the exact same.

The difference might come in when it comes to working the shoulders measurements since men have broaders shoulders than the ladies.

When crocheting this side to side crochet sweater, you will begin by crocheting the chin, we will work from the under arm, increasing till we chain the shoulder portion section,which will theb be followed by some rows of decreasing.

When we reach the middle of our men’s crochet sweater, we will switch colours and start inreasing the other side of the sweater. Once this is all done, the back panel will be worked in one solid colour following the same mesurements of the front.

Then we will sew the sides close leaving our arm holes. Close the shoulders too.

To work the sleeves, we will connect the working yarn at the underarm of the sweater, make a chain that runs down the length of your hand, begin with slip stitches for the first 10 stitches and process with the half double slip stitch or the yarn over slip stitches.

We will end the row by slip stitching to the arm hole, to begin the next row, we will slip stitch to the next available sigle crochet and turn your worl.

We will proceed to connect the rows to the am holes with the slip stitch.

This will be deone for both sleeves.

To work the collar, the same thing will be done only with slip stitch rows around the neck opening.

At the end, you will weave in the ends, and cut the yarn.

And your Men’s crochet sweater will all be done.

This sweater waas my second ever made crochet sweater, it gave me confidence to wear and know that i could crochet anything if i really was fearless.

For the free crochet pattern, Read it Here.