Crochet Duster Cardigan Free Pattern + Tutorial

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There is a Printable PDF Pattern available for grabs, incase ads annoy you!! Be sure to share your progress in our FaceBook group which is slowly growing. Be sure you Join, Tag us on Instagram and Pinterest with what’s on your hook of late, you never know who you’re gonna inspire. The crochet everyday duster cardigan comes in after the Crochet Everyday sweater, in case … Read more

Crochet Patchwork Sweater Free Pattern + Tutorial

There is an Ad-Free printable PDF Pattern available, CLICK HERE to purchase. The patterns has a video tutorial to make the work easier, so scroll down to see it! Be sure to join our FaceBook group so you do not miss out on future give aways and free patterns. I enjoy working with colors, this was an experiment that came out … Read more

Crochet Cardigan Free Pattern

Looking for a quick little sewing crochet cardigan pattern? Here it is! This post may contain affiliate links, view the disclaimer policy For the Ad-Free Printable PDF crochet Pattern, click here, Be sure to join our Facebook group, the family is slowly growing and we would love to have you. Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest too!!! Check out our recent crochet … Read more

Crochet Mosaic Blanket Free Pattern + Tutorial

This crochet mosaic blanket free pattern was inspired by my love for mixing colours. I love to play around with colours and see what the outcome will bring. And i was impressed. What is a crochet mosaic blanket? A crochet mosaic blanket is a type of crochet blanket that features a distinctive design created using … Read more

Crochet Tote Bag Pattern

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Hi there, ready to make your first crochet tote bag for the year? Well this will be the easiest crochet handbag pattern yet. I know i said the same for the crochet ribbed beanie and the crochet shawl, but trust me, this is sooooo easy and repetitive and simple. As simple as they come literally This post may … Read more

Crochet Sweater Free Pattern

crochet sweater free pattern

This crochet sweater free pattern was long awaited for. I was dying to share this Free crochet sweater pattern as i recently shared the printable pattern on Facebook and Instagram and a lot of you loved it, so i thought hey, it’s almost Christmas soooooo, why not right?? For the Ad-Free Printable PDF, click HERE My favorite thing about this … Read more