Frog Crochet Pattern

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Have you seen a lot of froggies going around and you decided to make yourself a frog crochet pattern? Well worry not, i have compiled a lot of crochet frog patterns for your making! I hope you find the pattern that you would really like.

frog crochet pattern
by alwaysfree pattern

If you are looking for frog inspired crochet patterns, then we have you covered! Keep reading to discover all the frog crochet patterns you can make!

How to crochet a frog amigurumi

Not all frog crochet patterns can be made the same, but, the constructions may be the same for most of the. Some are small and made for key holders so they will differ from the larger crochet frogs.

If you are not working your frog in one piece then you will most likely start with the legs then work your way up changing colours where necessary.

Crochet frog supplies

To crochet a frog, you wlil need the basic supplies which are :

  • Yarn– Some patterns will call for a worsted weight yarn, while others a DK weight yarn and in some cases, a plush yarn.
  • crochet hooks– you will need to have the pattern recommended crochet hook size
  • stuffing– you will need poly-fil if you do not have any
  • Stitch marker– you will definitely need this
image 273

Can i crochet a frog amigurumi as a beginner?

Not all of them! Some patterns are very easy to make and some include complicated crochet concepts. So my advice for beginner frog crocheters is:

  • Read through the pattern to catch any new terms or crochet stitches that you might need to learn before hand
  • Follow the crochet gauge given by the pattern if you would like your crochet frog to come out the same as the pictures
  • Be sure to have all the materials that the pattern calls for.

Frog Crochet Amigurumi Pattern & More

1. No- Sew Frog crochet pattern

image 265

If you are looking for a quick and not so involving crochet frog pattern, then this no sew mini frog crochet pattern is for you. It can easily be a scrap yarn project so it will not pick your pockets a lot! Your frog does not have to be green as most of these crochet frogs are, you can really pic any colour!

image 266

2. Amigurumi frog free pattern

image 267

Looking to make a crochet frog key chain?, then here is a mini frog crochet pattern that will look great on your keys! A free pattern, i hope you make a lot because the one you make will be loved by a lot!

3. Toy frog amigurumi crochet pattern

image 268

These frogs with various colors are so cute and adorable, they are especially suitable for decorate your garden table. Apparently all kids love frogs, they love to learn how frogs jumps and how they sound. This free pattern is super easy to follow, so it will be a great idea to include your kids make the frogs together.

4. Amigurumi cute frog crochet pattern

Screenshot 2023 01 21 23.38.44

Want to make something for the girls? this crochet girly frog pattern in a dress will definitely be loved by your little girls!

5. 8 Frog inspired crochet pattern

image 269

Thinking of making a frog crochet patterns? then we have you covered with these 8 frog crochet inspired patterns you can pick from!

14. Frog free crochet pattern

image 270

I cannot help but smile after looking at this frog crochet pattern Have fun and be creative!

15. Stripped top frog crochet pattern

image 271

If you are looking for ways to spice up your frog as you crochet, then here is the one for you! This frog crochet pattern will look o cute. Play around with the colours and see what designs you can make.

That is all the frog crochet patterns i had for you today. I hope you managed to find crochet pattern that met your expectations and you are on your way to making it!