Best And Affordable Crochet Supplies

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When it comes to maintaining this addictive hobby, it can be expensive. So I have done some research and put together the best and affordable crochet supplies.

The list can be debatable, but according to my little research, it does not get better than this.

I have put together some of the best and affordbale crochet supplies that you can find mostly under $4.

best and affordable crochet supplies
by dreanstime

Affordable Crochet Supplies

The crochet hobby is fun to do when you have an endless supply of yarn. Yarn is the main ingredient to this addictive hobby. And sometimes, yarn can be expensive, especially during this period of time.

So, i did some research to figure out how to keep this crochet hobby going with some affordable crochet supplies.

Some of these yarns you may already use, but if you had an expensive source for your yarn and you are looking to cut back on some costs, then i recomment you continue reading this post to find the best affordable crochet supplies for you.

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This post is an affiliate post, so i make a small commission based on your purchase at no added expense to you.

If you are just learning How To Crochet, then it is essential that you have the best crochet supplies, for beginners, i highly reccomend you have access to crochet kits for beginners.

Your learning experience will be much smoother and easy when you have the right supplies.

When you are new to crochet, it can be rather difficult to know which supplies you need and which supplies arent really necessery for the learning stage.

In this blog post, i will share with you some of the best and affordable crochet supplies.

Best And Affordable Crochet Supplies

When it comes to the best crochet supplies, this can be debatable, however, i have done a little reseach and have come to see which supplies are affordable while promising to get the job well done.

Crochet Hooks

First things first, the main ingredient to the hobby, the crochet hooks. There are so many types of crochet hooks with their benefits depending on any underlying health problems or just personal preferences.

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For $2.99, you can purchase an ergonomic crochet hook of your preffered size. Personally, i prefer buying a whole crochet hook set at one price, but i know i have a favorite crochet hook i would not mind having in multiple designs.

Purchase A Crochet Hook HERE

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If you are lookig to purchase a crochet hook set, then this is an affordable alternative for you.

Purchase set HERE.

The good thing about these crochet hooks, it that you can buy them once and just add some more over time if you feel like it. The one croxhet supply that you need to keep adding is coming up next.


Shopping for yarn is so fun and addictive, especially when you fnd some high qulity yarn at a very affordable price.

Red Heart Super Saver yarn is very commonly loved and used by a lot of crocheters. This yarn comes in a lot of colours and varieties. Going for $3.99 with one ball weighing 198 g or 364 yards/ 334 m, you can make a crochet sweater under $20.95 or less if your sweater is on the smaller size.

Yarn Needle

A yarn needle is a blunt tipped needle used by crocheters and knitters to weave in crochet ends or sew crochet pieces together. The yarn needle is also commonly knows as a darning needle ot a tapestry needle.

Get your needle HERE


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A lovely pair of scissors is a must have. I remember using a kitches knife to cut my yarn before i purchased my very own pair of crochet scissors.

If you purchased the full crochet set, then it comes with its own crochet scissors which to be honest, i personally do not like.

So these crochet scissors are a must have.

Stitch Markers

If you are wanting to crochet straigh edges or ust mark off some stitches, then these are a must have.

If you crochet, you know you definitely neeed stitch markers. Especially fi you crochet with some crochet patterns

Get some stitch markers HERE.

And there we go, these are some of the best and affordable crochet supplies i think you need to have as a crocheter.