Raffle Crochet Summer Top Free Pattern

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Before summer clocks out you need to crochet this raffle summer top. This crochet summer top will be a two days project provided you make it on a clear weekend.

crochet summer top
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When it comes to this crochet summer top pattern, the buttons give it the perfect diffiition and finishing off the touch with the belt. Perfect crochet summer top.

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crochet summer top free pattern

I have had a great time working on crochet top patterns this year, i must be in love with the raffle crochet summer tops, they give some style and attitude to the finished clothing i just cannot resist.

Crochet Summer Top Free Pattern

One thing i love about crochet summer projects, is that they are done as fast as you started unlike some crochet winter cardigans.

This crochet summer top free pattern can be made by the intermediate crocheter, as a beginner, if you are comfortable with increasing and decreasing then, grab a hook.

Are crochet tops good for summer?

Crochet tops are getting more popular around the fashion industry, with some cut jeans, shorts, sandals, you have yourself the perfect hot summer crochet outfit. Before the sun goes, be sure to rock your crochet summer top outfits.

How do you crochet a summer top?

Depending on the design of the crochet summer top. you will most likely begin by making a chain, in mltiples of what the crochet pattern calls for.

  • Make a slip knot and make a number of chains
  • begin the row following the crochet top pattern instructions
  • Increase or decrease as istructed
  • add accessories if the crochet top pattern calls for some
  • cut the yarn and weave in the ends

What stitches are best for a crochet top?

Depending on what lok you are going for, i find solid stitches and not lacy stitches are best for a crochet summer top as they can keep your chest area covered. Howeer, some crochet top patterns might call for lacy stitches which is fine.

What do you wear under a crochet top?

If the crochet top is revealing on the cheast area, you can wear a bralette or a bandeau. Some stitches are just too cute to resist making a summer top, in those cases, you can always cover up with a bralette or a bandeau.

How to crochet a grit stitch

This crochet sumer top uses the grit stitch for the whole boddy of the top, to make a grit stitch:

  • Make a foundation chain in multiples of 2 plus 1
  • Skip the first 2 chains from the hook and double crochet in the third
  • skip one stitch, place and single crochet and a double crochet in the same stitch
  • Skip another stitch, place a single crochet and a double crochet in the same stitch.
  • Repeat this till you have two chains left
  • single crochet in the last chain, chain one and turn.

Crochet Ruffle Summer Top Free Pattern



3(4,5,6,7,8,9)balls of yarn


-Ch 1 counts as a stitch 

-The Crochet Summer Top can be worked to your desired length. 

-We will use a 5.0 crochet hook for the body 

-The crochet summer top pattern contains  one size but can be worked to any size

-This crochet summer top pattern is accompanied by a video tutorial,


Sc- single crochet 

Dc- Double crochet

Rep- Repeat

Decr- Decrease



Make a chain that goes from one shoulder to the other. Make sure the chain is in Multiples of 2 plus one. 45 for size small.

Row 1: In the back bumps of the ch, skip the first two chains and place a dc in the third, skip one chain place a sc and a dc in the same stitch.

Rep this till the end of the row. You should be left with two chains at the end, into the last ch, place a sc. ch 1 and turn

Row2: Dc in the first st, skip one st, sc and dc in the next, skip one st, place a sc and dc in the same st. rep this for the rest of the row

Rep this row  till your top reaches your belly button from your shoulders. Then ch 1 and cut.

FRONT PANEL (make 2) 

Ch half the number of the back panel, 23 for size small and rep what we did for the back panel making the two front panels.

Measuring from the belly button, when it reaches your mid breast, start doing the decreasing.

To decrease, we will start the work as normal, when you have 3 stitches left at the end, instead of working the last grit stitch before the last sc, you will place the sc where the last grit stitch should have been. 

You will rep this till the decreasing has left you a shoulder panel you are comfortable with, then work normal rows to match the back panel number of rows. 

When you are done, sc your way down the decrease side to smooth it. 

Lay the front panels on top of the back panel and sew the sides leaving the arm holes open. 

Sew the sides properly with a yarn needle or a crochet hook using a single crochet. 

On one side of the front panels where you want the button holes to be, work one sc row, the another row placing buttonholes by chaining one and skipping one stitch, these buttonholes should be where you want the button to be on the corresponding side. 

To finish off our crochet top with the ruffle bottom, connect your yarn at the beginning of the work, and ch 3, dc in the same st as the ch 3, ch2 and place 2 more dc. Skip one stitch, and place 2 dc, ch 2 2dc in the next stitch, rep this for the whole row.

To begin the next ruffle row, ch 1, slst into the two dc and the ch 2 space, ch 3, place one dc, ch2 and 2 dc into the the space. 

For this row and th rest of the ruffle rows, you place work in the ch 2 spaces. 

I made 6 rows of the ruffle, you can make as many as you like. 


Make a ch that goes around your waist and leaves excess to tie a bow, and work 2 rows of double crochet. Cut and weave in all ends. 

Your crochet top is all done.!

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