Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

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If you are searching for crochet cat hat patterns for cats, then welcome. I have got a few really cute and adorable creative cat crochet beanies that should keep your fluffy friend warm this winter.

If you want to make a hat for cats just for fun, then we have a few of those too, but if warmth is what you are looking for, then keep reading.

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In case you were in search of crochet cat beanies for humans, then i got you covered there. It is really surprising how hard it is to come across cat crochet hat patterns unlike crochet dog hat patterns, so you will find a few paid crochet patterns and others free.

I always try to keep my shared crochet patterns free, but until i own a cat and can make hundreds of crochet cat hat patterns, ten you will have to make do with what we have right now.

How to crochet a cat hat

First of all, you will not need to make a special yarn purchase for this crochet pattern as cats are tiny and their patterns do not call for much. But you can always shop for some new yarn in case it is time to restock, and as always, we can never have enough yarn.

The construction of your crochet cat hat pattern might not be the same for all other patterns but since the cat has a bit going on from the ear holes to the neck, the construction might be similar with the crochet dog hat pattern. We leave room for the ears and in most cases, the crochet hat patterns might be worked in the round.

If you are looking to make a whole crochet cat collection, then we have covered almost all crochet cat patterns now from crochet cat sweatercrochet cat collar and cat scarf.

Crochet cat hat supplies

Red heart super saver yarn can be a great place to start if you are looking for some yarn. If you are looking for a different alternative, then Lion Brand might come to the rescue.

Crochet hooks will be the next requirement to crochet a dog hat, the size will depend o the pattern you chose to follow. Furls Crochet Hooks have always been after my own heart.

Tips to crochet your first cat hat

As much as it is a simple crochet project, you want to look out for a few things as the cats are curious animals.

  • Do not make the hat too tight for the straps it sits on their neck, assuming the cat hat pattern has straps. If it is too tight, you might choke them
  • As cats move around a lot, you want to use stitches that will not have the cat trapping itself into things, or getting things trapped into its beanie
  • Do not make the crochet cat hat too long, unless you are trying to make a slouchy beanie.

Easy crochet cat Beanies

crochet cat hat

Crochet bucket hat for cat

image 345

This design is pretty simple and straightforward. You can use any yarn you want to customize this hat for YOUR cat! This will fit most cats and some small dogs. You can always adjust the size of the ear holes to make the hat fit any pet. Read more…

Narby Pom pom cat hat

image 346

Narby Pom Pom Cat Hat Free Crochet Pattern is a fun project for kitties! It will be a cute accessory for your little kitties, make kitties fashionable and unique. You can easily put it on or take it off the cat’s head, and no need to worry it will make your naughty friend uncomfortable. Read more…

Cat Hat Beginner friendly pattern

image 348

Make this quick 30 minutes or less crochet cat hat pattern for your fluffy friend. Get the pattern

Easter crochet cat hat pattern

image 349

Make this crochet cat hat for Easter and give your little cat some bunny ears. Cuteness guaranteed and it sure is a project that will not make a dent in the pocket as it is a crap yarn crochet project. Get the pattern

Crochet Eggplant Cat Hat Pattern

image 350

I love eggplants, just seeing this has me craving for eggplants. Be creative and make some fun crochet hats. Get the pattern

Winter crochet cat beanie pattern

image 351

Get this cute easy and fast pattern on Etsy

Crochet anial hat tutorial

image 352

If you are a visual learner or you just prefer tutorials over crochet patterns, then i have this crochet animal hat tutorial available on YouTube. If there is a pattern available for this then i am not sure, but you can enjoy this easy to follow tutorial in the mean time.

Hat for cats crochet pattern

image 353

Finally, we have this cute free crochet cat hat pattern. Read more

That is all the crochet cat hat patterns i could find for you today. I hope you found something you liked, if not, next time should do it. Happy crafting