medium weight beanie crochet pattern

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In search for a new beanie that works up super fast? Today, we’re excited to share this comprehensive list of the best medium weight beanie crochet patterns. These free patterns are beautifully designed and suitable for both beginners and experienced crocheters.

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Fast & Easy Medium Weight Beanie Patterns

Crochet hats and beanies are easy to make and will keep you warm all winter long!

Crocheting a hat is one of the best crochet projects as they work up so fast and there are thousands of different beautiful crochet patterns to try.

You do not need to worry about looking like someone else when you make yourself a medium weight crochet beanie.

Especially considering that they work up so fast.

In this post, we’ve curated a list of free worsted weight beanie crochet patterns that we know you’ll love.

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I selected the few crochet beanie patterns that i knew will work up fairly fast ad will be friendly for all level crocheters.

All of these hat patterns are suitable for confident beginners. If you are new to crochet, no need to worry, i have included crochet patterns that cover the absolute beginners too.

Some crochet patterns will even include links to free crochet videos that show you how to crochet each stitch. They are quick to crochet, too – making these crochet hats a great weekend project for you crocheters out there.

If you are a lover of pets and own a cat or a dog, then i have you covered with a crochet cat hat pattern and crochet dog hat pattern collection.

We do not only stop there, the cats come hand in hand with their crochet cat sweater and crochet cat collar not forgetting the crochet cat scarf. The dogs get their crochet dog sweaters too.

And then, why not crochet a scarf to go with that hat? Here is my favorite crochet beginners infinity scarf.

Best Yarn for Medium weight beanies

As you know we are focusing on medium weight beanies or category 4 weight yarn crochet beanies, we will only be dealing with a worsted weight yarn.

When shopping for yarn, I like to look for soft acrylic yarn or washable wool-blend yarn. Some of my favorite acrylic yarns are Caron simply soft yarn  and Pound of love yarn.

My Favorite Crochet Hooks

And, of course, you’ll need a crochet hook. My favorite crochet hooks are ergonomic crochet hooks from Furls. They are suitable for beginners, and are very easy to use.

We also love these beautiful wooden crochet hooks from Furls. We find them very comfortable and easy to work with!

How to Measure for Crochet Hat Patterns

Are you giving a medium weight beanie crochet hat or beanie as a gift? You’ll need to know what size to make before you start crocheting.

If at all possible, it’s best to measure the circumference of the intended recipient’s head. Then, you can reference the pattern to figure out what size to make.

Depending on the pattern, you may be able to adjust the length or “slouchiness” of your beanie.

Fast & Easy Medium weight beanie Crochet Pattern

1. Bead stitch Medium weight Beanie


Photo Credit:

The cool texture of this hat is created with rounds of bead stitch with rounds of half double crochet, plus a post-stitch ribbing. A faux fur pom pom on the top finishes it all off.

Yarn Category: worsted

Suggested Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease


2. The Tempest Beanie

TB001 medium2

Photo Credit:

A variety of stitch textures combine with a color-changing yarn to create this beautiful beanie pattern. The pattern is written for one size, but it includes tips for adjusting the pattern to fit other sizes.

Yarn Weight: Aran/worsted weight


3. Double Brim Ribbed Crochet Beanie

wsi imageoptim L1055823 resize.jpg

Photo Credit:

This hat’s beautiful ribbed pattern is created by working half-double crochets in the third and back loops. It features a double brim for extra warmth.

Yarn Weight: Worsted CYC 4

4. The Jennie Beanie

fullsizeoutput 68e 683x1024 1.jpeg

Photo Credit:

Here is another versatile knit-look crochet beanie. This hat is constructed with beginner-friendly crochet stitches. The stitch pattern is textured yet modern – perfect for any style.

Yarn Category: Worsted weight 4 yarn

5. Waves of Hope Hat

medium weight beanie crochet pattern

Photo Credit:

This cute crochet beanie is worked back and forth in rows to crochet a flat rectangle. Then, the hat is seamed together on the sides and sewn together at the top to close the beanie.

This pattern will show you how to adjust the height of the hat to make a plain or folded brim.

Yarn weight: Worsted

6. Simple Seed Stitch Beanie Crochet Hat

QuickEasyCrochetHatPatternForMenBeginnerFriendly longpin3.jpg

Photo Credit:

Here is another unisex or men’s style beanie worked up in a crochet seed stitch. The seed stitch adds texture and warmth to the beanie. You’ll how fast this pattern work up, too.

Yarn weight: Worsted

7. Back in Brugge Slouchy Beanie

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Photo Credit:

Don’t forget about Tunisian crochet! This crochet slouchy beanie is worked in one piece, using the Tunisian Honeycomb Stitch. The pattern will show you how to customize the hat to fit specific sizes.

Yarn weight: Aran

8. Bubblegum Pop Beanie

bubblbean medium2

Photo Credit:

Bubblegum Pop Beanie is a very fast beanie made from the bottom up. You’ll love the cute pops of texture, which really stands out when made with color-changing yarn.

Yarn weight: Aran

9. Faux Knit Hat

Crochet hat 673x1024 1.jpg

Photo Credit:

For the warmest possible crochet hats, use smaller stitches and avoid holes and gaps. This cozy hat used a tight stitch pattern and worsted-weight yarn.

It is a great unisex crochet hat pattern that you can customize with different shades of yarn. The pattern also offers a range of sizes from baby to adult.

Yarn Weight: Worsted weight yarn (Category 4)

10. Wynn Hat Pattern

Wynn Hat by Noowul.jpgfit8822c882ssl1.jpg

Photo Credit:

This slouchy hat is made with an easy pattern that has great texture. The back loop stitches give it wave-like ridges and elasticity for various head shapes.

Yarn weight: Aran

11. Medium weight beanie crochet pattern

fullsizeoutput 4a2.jpegfit10802c1399ssl1

Photo Credit:

Have you ever made cables with crochet? If you’ve never tried it, this hat might be the perfect introduction.

If you are intimidated by the cabling, don’t be! It’s much easier than you might think! And once you have the hang of it, you’ll be able to breeze through this beanie.

Yarn Category: Bulky weight (5)

12. Chunky ribbed crochet beanie

ribbed slouch hat 4.jpg

Photo Credit:

This cute chunky crochet hat has lots of texture and a slouchy style. The pattern works up quickly thanks to thick yarn and a big hook, plus it’s simple enough for a confident beginner to crochet.

Category: 5 Bulky Weight Yarn

13. Beehive Beanie Pattern

beehive 2.jpg

Photo Credit:

This beehive-textured women’s beanie crochet pattern was designed for everyday wear. It’s a cute, textured beanie hat pattern that includes instructions for five sizes and optional stripes.

Yarn weight: Super Bulky CYC 6

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