Glow In The Dark Yarn

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I will not lie, i was today years old when i heard of glow in the dark yarn. The idea of yarn that glows in the dark is just cool. Makes you think you can actually crochet in the dark because the yarn will be very visible.

So i went on a hunt to see where i could find the yarn for you at a good price yes, and if you do not want to spend much on that yarn, see if we can DIY our very own glow in the dark yarn. If you are unsure of the projects you might want to make with the yarn, worry not, i will give you some ideas as we go.

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glow in the dark yarn
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Glow In The Dark Yarn

Glow-in-the-dark yarn is a fun product that several yarn companies have made available over the years. Most associate glow in the dark yarn with Halloween projects or gothic crochet projects, but it does not have to be.

You can use glow-in-the-dark yarn for far more other crochet projects. It can be good for headbands or ear warmers worn by people who run or walk at night, as well as for children’s clothing that might be worn during the dark winter months. For safety purposes

You can even crochet some home decors that will still shine at night.

What Is Glow-in-the-Dark Yarn?

Glow-in-the-dark yarn is a yarn that either has a reflective thread woven into it, or the yarn is treated with fluorescent dye, but at the end f the day, it glows in the dark as the name suggests.

The reflective thread can be woven into any colour yarn; however, the fluorescent dye typically works best on light colours of yarn.

Moreover, while the reflective thread will work continuously whenever it catches light in the dark, the fluorescent nature of the dye usually fades over time. 

How long does it glow?

This yarn can last between 1-3 hours depending on how long you charge it. while it takes only a few minutes to charge so you can continuously use it.

How do you charge glow in the dark yarn?

The yarn needs to either absorb sunlight or luminous light for some minutes to be able to glow in the dark. The longer you lave the yarn in the sun, the longer it is going to glow in the dark.

Can you make your own glow in the dark yarn?

Yes you can.

It will not last as long as the store bought yarn, but you can make your own yarn that glows in the dark.

How to make glow in the dark yarn

To do this, you want to have a light colour yarn and some glow in the dark dye.

You need to section the yarn so that it is easier to dye, to do this, you may need an umbrella swift so the yarn is easier to work with so that you can then put the yarn into hank form to absorb as much dye as you can possibly get on the yarn.

When you are done, to make sure the yarn does not tangle, take wool and weave it into the yarn, not too tightly but loose enough to keep the yarn from tangling.

Repeat this process for about four times, or less depending on how big your hank is.

When done, take the yarn into the sink, fill the sink with water and let it soak for about 10 minutes to ensure the whole yarn is soaking wet. Squeeze out the excess water from the yarn.

For this next part, you want to make sure you have gloves on. Put water into a container, large enough to allow the yarn to sit freely, and pour the glow in the dark dye into the bowl and let it mix well. Now add the yarn to the bowl.

Follow the instructions on the dye as every dye is different. And leave the yarn in the dye for the specified period of time. Now and then, come back to it and mix it around.

When you are done, rinse out the dye and let it dry. and you have your glow in the dark yarn

Glow In The Dark Yarn Projects

Considering that the yarn is just as any regular yarn, you can make just about anything with it from crochet sweaters, cardigans to hats, socks et.

But for small cool projects you can always try:

  • Beanies/ hats
  • crochet headbands
  • crochet socks
  • crochet mittens
  • home decor

Whats next?

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