Crochet shawl Free Pattern

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This crochet shawl was my very first ever crochet shawl, it came out so beautifully as you can see, and it makes a great project for the beginner.

crochet shawl free pattern

This crochet shawl free pattern can be made as big or as small as you want. The free crochet pattern will clearly show you how you can do that.

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And to think people actually say crochet shawls are not glamerous, the audacity!! After making this unbeleavably  simple crochet beginners shawl you will fall in lover over and over again

This crochet shawl free pattern is a must have for your winter collection, also, it gives the closet a spark. Throw a nice pear of jeans and a lovely top and wrap yourself with this lovely crochet shawl.

The perfect look is complete. This crochet shawl makes a great present, and christmas is coming right up so get crafting. And on the plus side, it works up so fast. SO make as many as you can for all the loved ones.

crochet shawl free pattern

This easy crochet beginners shawl free pattern is sooo beginner friendly as the name suggests, all you need to know are the chain and the double crochet.

Which, i am sure (if wrong correct me in the comments) everyones first stitch to learn was a double crochet LOL! So rest assured, this crochet shawl is not problematic at all. I would love to see the beautiful colors you guys make this in.

So let’s talk about the yarn i used for this crochet shawl.

Sooooo, my location makes the accessibility of all sorts of yarn literally impossible. the yarn i have access to is the 3 ply yarn. So, what i do is, i use two strands of 3 ply yarn together and a 4.5 mm crochet hook. 

They say 2 strands of lace yarn will give you fingering yarn and two strands of fingering yarn will give you worsted weight yarn, 2 strands of worsted weight yarn will give you bulky yarn and finally two strands of bulky yarn will give you super bulky yarn. Theres some fun fact!

If you are looking for something to make someone this christmas or as a gift of love, then they will definitely love this shalw. Something to keep them warm and remind them of the love!, i cannot think of anything more pleasing!


So, as we know, the gifting season is nearly upon as. And it is time to get them hooks out and yarn ready, so i thought as my first FREE crochet pattern, how about i make something that  can make a great gift suitable for all skill levels. 

It is super hot where i live so believe me this shawl was to keep your back warm, a christmas gift from me to you!

I personally love projects that work up very fast as patiene has been something i have always lacked LOL, so the 4.5 mm hook and this yarn did me justice. 

Note, if you do not have the recommended hook or yarn here, any other size can work on the smaller side, just keep in mind that it will take slightly longer to complete and you will be working more rows than what the pattern suggests. 

There is a written pattern available if you would like to have access to that find it in ,my Etsy shop.

Are you a visual learner like i am, or maybe reading patterns is still a bit challenging, then watch the video below

Written Crochet Pattern

Level: Easy

Pattern Notes

>This is good to know, take note that Chain 3 at the beginning of every row counts as a double crochet or a stitch. we will be placing 2 extra double crochets at the beginning and end of our rows in the same stitch, making it three double crochets in the same stitch.

> This whole crochet shawl is worked in the back loop only to achieve that ribbed look i know i love so much

>The pattern uses US crochet terms 

> The pattern is in one size only, however, it can be made in an size. if you would like it smaller, then reduce the number or rows, you can keep trying it on to see the size you find perfect. If you would like it longer/ bigger, then i suggest you add more rows than the pattern suggests. 


To achieve this crochet shawl ou will need:

> Yarn that is suitable for a 4.5mm crochet hook

>4.5 mm crochet hook

>stitch marker

>Yarn. The yarn you want to have access to is one that agrees with the 4.5 mm crochet hook. you can go smaller but as stated earlier, it will take longer to finish. ( I used 2.5 balls of yarn for this shawl)

Yarn needle to weave in the runny ends. 



So for those new to crochet, you will see a lot of abbreviations in this pattern as that is how patterns are written. So here s a check sheet/ cheat sheet for you:

Ch- Chain

Dc-Double crochet 

Bl-Back loop

St- Stitch 

Slst- Slip stitch 


14 stitches wide X 8 rows in 4 inches

Finished measurement

the shawl measured 52 inches laying flat from corner to corner and 21 inches from the center to the bottom V.

Foundation Chain- Ch 4, slst in to the fist ch you made to make a ring 

Row 1- Working into the center of the ring, ch 3, place 2 dc into the ring ch 2 and place another 3 dc into the ring

Row 2- Ch 3 and turn your work. Remember from here on we will be working into the back loops only. in the same st, place 2 dc to make 3 dc. This is an increase, in the bl only, work dc till the ch 2 place in the centre. place 2 dc in the ch 2 space, ch 2 then place another 2 dc, proceed to work in the bl till the last st, place 3 dc in the last stitch. ch3 and turn

Note, using the stitch markers to mark the first and last dc you make will make it easy to keep count. 

Row 3- 30 you will repeat rows 1-2. you will increase 8 stitches in every row. 

At the end of row 30, ch 1 and cut the yarn, weave in all the ends.

If you would like your crochet shawl bigger or smaller, increse the number of rows as you go. 

Congratulations on your crochet beginners shawl. I hope it keeps you warm in the winter and if you are planning on gifting it, i just know that someone will love it, Hand made gifts are the crafters way of saing i love you.

Until next time,

Happy crafting!