Easy Crochet Crop Cardigan Free Pattern

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I have never been one for making a crochet cardigan in different pieces, but i decided to take my chances on this crochet someday cardigan free pattern. I am never doing that again.

crochet cardigan free pattern

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crochet cardigan free pattern

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The crochet ribbed crop cardigan is everthing you would want your cardigan to be. The buttons  add a modern finish to the knit look. Makes you thinnk you can knit for a second. 

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crochet ribbed cardigan free pattern


I recently designed a crochet crop cardigan that was oversized and i just fell in love. Yes, i fall in love with all my crochet designs i will not life, but the love for this crochet crop cardigan was so big that i decided to make anotherone with a more fitted finish this time.

For the love of knit looked crochet patterns, all my patterns are crochet in the back loops to give that ribbed look a pop which is what results into the knit look finish. 

Ever since i learnt this trick, i have not been able to let it go, i do not plan to do that any time soon either!!! I know you love the knit look finish too.

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Alright, let us talk about the yarn for a second. As said previously, i am an African queen from the warm heart of Africa, Malawi, so the yarn i have here, is not available anywhere else, even if you wanted to order the yarn, i would not advice. The pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn, but i have no access to that, so i use two lace yarns to make a worsted weight yarn, i would advice you to get the worsted weight yarn using my affiliate link, it will take you to the home page where you can search fot the worsed weight yarn and pick your desired color.

The yarn we use calls for a 5.00 mm crochet hook which is perfecr for the recommended yarn of the pattern.

The pattern is written is size small worn by a 34.5″ bust model. However, the pattern contains 9 sizes

The sizing guide for this crochet pattern follows a size XS(S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL) for example ch71(71,78,82,82,86,90,90,94) which means ch 71 for size XS, ch 71 for size small, ch 78 for Medium, ch82 for large etc….


The entire pattern is worked in the back loops only

The chaining of one does not count as a stitch 

The pattern uses US terminology 

The ribbed part of the cardigan only switches to sc when it is a hdc row



10 cm/4″ square = 16.5 stitches wide x 21 rows tall ( 5 hdc rows + 16 slst rows)



5.00mm (US H) Crochet hook

Stitch markers 


Yarn needle



Ch- Chain 

Hdc- Half double crochet 

Slst- Slip stitch 

Sc- Single Crochet 

Rep- Repeat 

St- Stitch 

RS- Right side

WS- Wrong side

BL- Back loop



FOUNDATION CHAIN: Ch as many as you wish. But if you wish to stick to the written pattern, ch 71(71,78,78,85,85,92,92,99). 

ROW 1– Sc into the first 10 st, hdc in remaining st, at the end turn

ROW 2-4 Base slst row> Ch 1, BL only, slst across, slst in last st, turn

ROW 5– Base hdc row> Ch 1, BL sc in first 10 st, then hdc remaining st

Repeat rows 1-5 till your desired length. Or, if you are strictly following the patter, rep till rows 65(65,72,72,79,86,93,93,100) ch 1 and cut

Untitled design 34
This is the RS, the other side of this is the WS

FRONT PANEL (make 2)

Working the front panel, you will follow the pattern for the back panel we just made, only this time around you will work a total of 29(29,36,43,43,50,57,64,71) rows ch1 and cut


For the sleeve, the number of ch to make can be optional. But if you are strictly sricking to the patter, 

Ch 75,75,82,82.89,89,96,96,103) rep the same pattern as the back panel and the front panel for a total of 49(49,56,56,63.70,77,84,91) rows. Make 2 of each leaving a long tail to sew the sleeves to the body


To connect the front panel and the back panel,lay the panels RS facing each other and seam them closed with the yarn needle. do this for both sides

To connect the sleeves, lay the work flat(see picture below for reference).

Fold your sleeve in half and place a stitch marker at the half mark, connect the st marker to the middle of the shoulder or where you sew the front and back panel.

Untitled design 35

Fold the work and turn it over so you are working with the WS, and sew he sleeve onto the rest of the body. close the sleeve so the WS is still facing you and sew the side closed, sew the cardigan side closed too. All of this is happen on the WS of the crochet crop cardigan.

Rep this for the other side

Untitled design 36


To work the collar, you want to go around the collar area and place a row of sc. this will help the slst rows to be worked on easily. 

after the sc row, ch 1 and turn, work 3 rows of slst. place stitch markers where you want the button holes to be. whene you reach the st markers, ch 3 and slst into the 4th st after the st marker, rep this for all st markers. 

Work another 3 slst rows making a total of 6 slst rows. Add the buttons opposite the holes you just made.

Cut and weave in all ends that we do not want and it looks like your crochet rinned crop cardiga is all finito!!! Gon on and try it on!!!

Did you like the pattern? Be sure to leave us a comment!!! Until next time, Happy crafting.