Crochet Mosaic Afghan Pattern

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crochet mosaic blanket pattern

Hey there maker, if you are here then you must have an obsession for crochet mosaic afghans like i do. This pattern is going to leave you happy and craving your next mosaic blanket.

Purchase the PDF Pattern to this mosaic blanket HERE

crochet mosaic Afghan tutorial

Easy Crochet Mosaic Afghan Pattern

Let me say this before we go any further, there is a class on Skillshare for this crochet mosaic afghan which comes with a Free PDF Pattern, Sign up for Free HERE and get a free month of free classes and PDF Patterns, if you enjoy it, then sign up for a premium account and get free PDF Patterns for the rest of the year.

I am more than excited for the winter season to start working on crochet sweaters and cardigans.

Why I Teach On Skillshare

As a self taught crochet designer, i know the struggles of learning to crochet, not everything makes sense. So i decided to start teaching on skillshare to share my knowledge of crochet, and hopefully in the future, knitting.

To add on that, as a crocheter, there is need to finance the hobby which now is my full time income, so every penny counts. If you are concidering purchasing yarn or crochet supplies, consider using my link HERE.

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crochet blanket pattern

Best Yarn For A Crochet Mosaic Afghan

When working a crochet mosaic blanket, the best arn to use is a worsted weight yarn.

Mary maxim has beautiful yarn that will bring your crochet afghan to life beautifully and still have it looking fresh after many washes.

Is Crochet Mosaic Afghan Hard?

No, the only challenging part to a mosaic crochet pattern is the graph. Once you master the mosaic graph, then you are all good to go.

Can A Beginner Attempt A Crochet Mosaic Project?

Absolutely. This class is to make absolute beginners get comfortable with the mosaic crochet patterns. The trick is to master the graph. Enroll for class Today.

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  1. Is that row of zig zag part of the charted pattern? I’ve been dreaming of an easy pattern without lots of changes and this looks like a winner.

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