Crochet Bear Pattern

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Do you have a love for snugly creatures? Or are you into crochet animals and have been thinking of making something new recently? Here’s the right article for you. This article will share 15 crochet bear patterns you cannot resist to have.

crochet bear patterns

As a crocheter myself, i am targeting both beginner crocheters and experienced crocheters. This will make sure everyone that stumbles on this post finds what they are looking for. Most people think crochet amigurumis are for advanced crocheters, but not really. I will share a few beginner crochet bear patterns.

15 Crochet Bear Patterns

I bet you will find the patter you are looking for before you make it through the whole list.

But before we go any further, let me give a few tips on crocheting amigurumis for the beginners who might need some guidance. If you are more on the advanced level or have some crochet amigurumi experience, then scroll down to access the 15 bear crochet patterns.

Tips To Crocheting Amigurumis

1. Follow the pattern instructions

Every pattern has it’s set of instructions. Be sure to follow each rule if you want your crochet amigurumi to come out exactly as the original design. I made a crochet sweater pattern and the reader decided the instructions did not add up and they would rather do what made sense to them, the sweater never came out as it should have!

2. Read through the pattern

When you have found a new crochet pattern you like, it is best you scheme through the whole pattern to catch anything new you might need to know or learn. There are a lot of crochet stitches out here, and we cannot admit to know them all. If your crochet pattern calls for new skills, then it is best you learn before you attempt the project.

3. Have access to all materials

For the best results be sure to have access to all the materials that the pattern calls for

5. Follow pattern gauge

If the pattern provides a gauge swath, be sure to mirror that gauge so that you know you are on the right path. If the gauge was provided after blocking, then be sure to block your swatch too to be safer. It may sound like a lot of work, but you will be sorry if you skip this step. Learn how to make a gauge swatch.

Supplies for a crochet bear

  • Yarn– the pattern will tell ou the type of yarn t o use for your crochet bear. But most likely it will be a worsted weight yarn, rarely will it be a DK weight yarn, and some cases it is a chunky velvet plush yarn
  • crochet hooks- the size/s required will be entioned in the pattern
  • Stitch markers for the infreasin or decreasing or just to mark out where we connect the ears and other things
  • stuffing- we cannot leave thi out!
  • yarn needle- another must for crochet bears

Fast & Easy Crochet Bear Patterns

1. Crochet teddy bear toy

crochet bear free pattern

Thinking of making something soft, big and cuddly? Then this free crochet bear PDF pattern will be the one for you. Made with a chunky velvet yarn, you will be done before you even know it.

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image 274

2. Amigurumi Plush Bear Free Pattern

image 276

Learn how to make a cute plush bear with this free amigurumi pattern! With this crochet pattern you will get a teddy bear about 35 cm (13.7″) high. Perfect size for children.

3. Crochet teddy bear

image 277

This classic crochet teddy bear pattern is about 9 inches tall sitting and the perfect size for pretty much any age if you are looking to gift this sweet little teddy bear….Read more

4. Crochet lying bear

image 278

Does your little one need a new crochet companion? Or maybe you like to relax in your lovely room surrounded by a bunch of cute handmade creatures? Either way, this selection of Adorable Bears will surely help you find a new member of your amigurumi family….Read more

5. Rainbow Crochet Bear

image 279

You can get the free PDF pattern HERE

6. Polar Bear Free Crochet Pattern

image 280

Something small white cute and fast? Make this crochet polar bear.

7. Mini crochet bear pattern

image 281

If you are looking to make a crochet bear keychain, then this pattern is the one for you.

8. Mr Teddy Bear

image 282

Be creative with some colours!v Make Mr Teddy Bear.

9. Flip Flop Teddy Bear

image 283

Wanting to make something for a baby? Here is the flip flop crochet bear pattern.

10. Oliver the bear amigurumi

image 284

Get the pattern here

That is all the crochet bears i had for you today! And if you noticed, they are all free! Until next time, happy crocheting.