Yarn Bowl For Knit & Crochet

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You know how annoying it is when you are knitting or crocheting and you constantly have to throw the yarn from you? Yarn bowls keep you from doing that.

If you love clean work as you knit or crochet then i think it is a great idea to invest in a yarn bowl. You work smoothly. Personally, i hate having to stop crocheting just to pull some strands of yarn.

yarn bowl for knit & crochet
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Crochet & Knit Yarn Bowls

Yarn balls can be a lot of trouble, i am glad we finally have the solution. SO if you want to understand more of what a yarn bowl is, how to use one, pros and cons as well as types if yarn bowls, then i suggest you keep reading because at the end, i will teach you how to spot a good yarn bowl and my top 10 recommended knit and crochet yarn bowls.

What is a yarn bowl?

A yarn bowl as the name suggests is a bowl made to hold the cake of yarn as you kit or crochet in order to keep your yarn in place. The yarn bowl looks like a cereal bowl only with a swirl on the side to allow you to work with the yarn.

How to use a yarn bowl

To use a yarn bowl, you put a cake of yarn in the bowl and find the end of the yarn and put it through the swirl. SO when you knit or crochet, you pull from the working yarn and it keeps the yarn ball on one place.

image 43

This will definitely keep your cats in place.

Pros Of A Yarn Bowl

  • Keeps your yarn from flying around and picking on floor dirt (cat hair, dog hair). If you are working with white yarn, it will keep your projects clean.
  • Keeps your yarn from tangling easily as they would when they ball is rolling around
  • Allows you to smoothly work with two balls of yarn at the same time without tangling.

Cons Of A Yarn Bowl

  • Depending on the yarn you use, you cannot use yarn bowls with skeins on yarn. Cakes of yarn work easier than skeins and or yarn balls.

Should You Buy A Yarn Bowl?

This choice is really and truly up to you. After the cons and pros i just shared, if you feel you are absolutely ready to buy a yarn bowl, the you can head here and scan through.

Types of yarn bowls

Wooden Yarn Bowls

image 44

This wooden bowl is just a beautiful wooden bowl look. Looks like home decor while serving you peace as you knit or crochet at the same time. You definitely want to keep this away from falling or chipping the swirl area as it would fuzz your working yarn. Grab a wooden yarn bowl.

Resin/ Ceramic yarn bowl

image 45

This gorgeous yarn bowl is just a beauty to behold. Depending on your choice of appearance, you can pick this yarn bowl over the wooden yarn bowls. Grab a resin yarn bowl

Metal Yarn Bowl

image 46

These are absolutely gorgeous bowls. The metal crochet hooks last so much longer than the other crochet hooks if you ask me, And i am bringing the same logic to the metal yarn bowls.

If you drop the metal yarn bowl, the worst it is going to do is have a dent. We can live with that.

The metal yarn bow has some weight to it, so when you have it on the table or floor, it will not move around as much.

The con i saw with this metal yarn bowl is the noise it makes as you pull the yarn out. If noises annoy you, this this metal yarn bowl probably might. Even though i think the noise is therapeutic.

Get a metal yarn bowl…

Features to look for in yarn bowls

After my little review of the yarn bowls, i have a few things i would like to point out to you before you purchase your very own yarn bowl:

  • Height of the yarn bowl– The taller the yarn ball, the less the yarn ball/cake falls or jumps of of the yarn bowl.
  • Size of swirl– The wider the swirl, the easier the yarn move out
  • Extra yarn bowl holes– This is not a must, but if you have an option of a yarn bawl with extra holes on the side and you love to work with multiple colours at the same time like a mosaic crochet blanket or just colour work, then this bowl will be best as it allows you to put smaller balls of yarn in the yarn bowl that can use the extra holes.

Purchase A Bowl

There are so manly places you can get yourself bowls for crocheting. If you are a fan of cats and want something fun to come with your bowls, then darngoodyarns have just that.

Otherwise, Furls might be your go to place for high quality bowls

Yarn Bowl Alternatives


If you are looking for a frugal alternative for bowls for yarn, then a basked with holes might just save the day.

Just place your yarn bowl in the basket, take out one end of the strand and pull it through the basket hole, and there you go.

Bowl and Binder Clip

image 47

You want to make sure the bowl is heavy enough to not pull the bowl as you are pulling on the yarn.

I had great fun putting this article together, because i have learnt a few things. As usual, i love to do the research so that you do not. If there are a few tips i left out, please leave those in the comment section, otherwise, happy crafting.

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