The Rosella Crochet Crop Sweater

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The Rosella crochet crop sweater was on my mind when i was making the crochet stripped cardigan, but it did not come out as i would have loved so i had to improvise.

Watch the space because i will be making another crochet Rosella cardigan.

crochet crop sweater pattern

For the crochet Rosella crop sweater free pattern, scroll down.

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Most people i share my crochet work with fear crocheting their first garments, if that is you, then let this crochet crop sweater be your fist crochet garment.

Well, if you’re looking for your first crochet garment project the Rosella Sweater is a great beginner-friendly sweater pattern! All raglan crochet projects are super easy and fun to work.

In my own personal opinion, i find that crochet raglan garments work so much faster than the others.

crop sweater crochet free pattern

Made with DK weight yarn, the Rosella crochet Sweater works up relatively quickly. Perfect for fall, winter and even spring, you can wear this modern crop crochet jumper with anything! Pair it with jeans, a skirt or over a dress, the Rosella Sweater will be your go to hand made sweater!

How to crochet the sweater

The Sweater is crocheted in 1 panels using basic stitches. That is the beauty of the raglan crochet pattern. The vast majority of this sweater is worked in extended single crochet with slip stitches used for the ribbing and a nice clean edge.

The slip stitch is introduced on the collar of the crochet sweater and eventually the single crochet features to bring the Rosella sweater to life. All of the crochet stitches are demonstrated in the step by step video tutorial!

Whether you want a cropped sweater, hip length jumper or long pullover to wear with leggings, just by adding more rows to make your sweater longer or removing rows to make your sweater shorter! The beauty of a raglan project is that you stop when you feel like you have enough.

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The Rosella Crochet Crop Sweater Design Inspiration

This is not the first time you have seen a crochet sweater or any sweater or jumper of this design, if you have seen a sweater of this similar design, chances are, it was knit.

I love to provide a chance for the crochet hook to make anything the knitting needles can make. My love for knitting work inspired the creation of the Rosella crop sweater.


  • The crochet crop sweater is worked in the round
  • A chain of 2 does not count as a stitch
  • The whole crochet sweater uses a 4.5mm crochet hook, do not change


Pattern Library

  • Ch- Chain
  • Sc- Single crochet
  • Exsc- Extended single crochet
  • Slst- Slip stitch
  • St- stitch
  • Rep- Repeat
  • Decr- Decrease
  • Incr- Increase

Amount of yarn needed

The pattern will call for 2 yarns, a cream and a black. You will need more of the cream and less of the black. However, the colours used are absolutely up to you.

  • XS- 2 black, 4 cream
  • S-2.5 black, 4.5 cream
  • M- 3 black, 5.5 cream
  • L 4.5 black, 7 cream
  • XL- 5 black, 8 cream
  • 2XL- 5.5 black, 9 cream
  • 3XL- 6 black, 10 cream
  • 4XL- 6.5 black, 11.5 cream
  • 5XL- 6.5 black, 12 cream


Gauge– 12 stitches in 10 rows = 4X4″

Sizes: XS-5XL

Bust for size S was 34″



The Rosella Crochet Crop Sweater Pattern

Crochet sweater: Body

ch 6, slst into the second ch from the hook into the back bumps only, slst sll the way down.

ch 1 and turn, slst into the bak loops only all the way up. ch 1 and turn.

rep this for

60(60,80,80,120,120,140,140,160) close the collar with your crochet hook or yarn needle and place sc ito the side slst rows. be sure the number of sc equal the number of slst rows you made. At the end, slst into the first sc made and ch2. Remember, the chaining of 2 does not count as a st. Into the same sc at the ch 2, place your first exsc, continue placing exsc into the next 9(0,14,14,19,19,24,24,24) st. In the next st from that we will do our first incr on 3 exsc into the same st.

Place a st marker in the midle st of the incr.

Cont with the exsc for 9(9,9,9,19,19,19,19,29) st, into the next st, incr with 3 exsc remember to place a stitch marker in the midle st on the incr..

Cont with the exsc for the next 19,19,29,29,39,39,49,49,49) st, in the next st, incr. For the last incr, cont with the exsc for 9(9,9,9,19,19,19,19,29) st, nd incr in the next.

Finish off the last st with exsc till you reach where you begun the row. connect with a slst, and ch 2 to begin row 2.

From now on, we will continue as we have been doing, we will increase in the stitches that have a stitch marker only with 3 exsc, remember to always replace that stitch marker in he middle st.

work a totla of 12(12,17,17,22,22,27,27,32) rows, on the next row, we will seperate the arms and the body.

On your next row, start as normal, but at the stitch marker st, do not increase but rather ch 4(4,6,6,8,8,10,10,10) chains and connect to the next stitch marker,cont working normal exsc till the next stitch marker and ch another 4(4,6,6,8,8,10,10,10) and connect to the last stitch marker. finish the row.

Ch2 and work an extra 4(4,8,8,12,12,16,16,20) rows.

Slst to join, ch 2 with the black yarn and work 2 rows of black yarn, slst to join,ch 2 with the cream colour. work 4 rows of the cream color.

We will work 2 black rows followed by 4 cream rows,

Rep this for a total of 5(5,7,7,9,9,11,11,13) black stripes. End with 4 cream rows, slst to join.

At the ch 2 spot, ch 11, slst into the second ch from the hook into the back loop only, slst all the way down, slst to the first st of the sweater to join the row, and slst to the next st to start a new row, we are working the bottom band of our crochet sweater.

We will slst all the way around in this manner till the band is complete, join the band with your crochet hook, or use a yarn needle. ch1 and cut.

Crochet sweater: Arms

Connect your cream yarn at the under arm, or where your firt ch was made to seperate the body and arms, ch 2 and into the same st, place your first exsc,we will go around, no moe increasing and work a total of 4(4,8,8,12,12,16,16,20) rows to match the body, switch to a black yarn, and work 2 rows, place 3 decr in each row. Space the decr evenly.

We will decr by making 2 exsc into 1.

decre for the first 2 black stripes only, work a total of 7(7,9,9,11,11,13,13,15) black stripes for the arms followed by the last 4 cream rows, at the ch2 spot, ch 11, slst into the second ch from the hook into the back loop only, slst all the way down, slst to the first st of the sweater to join the row, and slst to the next st to start a new row, we are working the bottom band of our crochet sweater sleeeves.

Rep this for the pther arm.

Your crochet crop sweater is all done!!!

Put it on and share a picture so we can see!!

How to care for a crochet crop sweater

Whether you’ve crocheted your sweater or bought it, proper care is essential to keep it looking its best. Follow these tips to ensure your crochet sweater stays in great condition for years to come.

  1. Read the Care Instructions: Before doing anything, check the care label attached to your crochet sweater. It will provide specific instructions on how to clean and maintain it.
  2. Hand Washing: In most cases, hand washing is the safest method for cleaning crochet crop sweaters. Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Gently submerge the sweater and soak it for about 10 minutes. Avoid excessive agitation or twisting to prevent stretching or damaging the delicate crochet stitches. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  3. Drying: After washing, gently squeeze out the excess water from the sweater. Avoid wringing or twisting it. Lay a clean towel flat on a surface and place the sweater on top. Gently roll the towel and sweater together to remove more moisture. Then reshape the sweater to its original size and lay it flat on a dry towel or drying rack. Avoid hanging the sweater, as this can cause it to stretch. Allow it to air dry completely.
  4. Blocking: If your crochet crop sweater has lost its shape, you can use the blocking technique to bring it back to its original form. Wet the sweater by gently soaking it in lukewarm water, then reshape it to the desired size by stretching and pinning it in place on a blocking mat or towel. Let it dry completely in this shape.
  5. Storage: To keep your crochet sweater in good condition during storage, fold it neatly and place it in a breathable fabric or plastic bag. Avoid hanging it for long periods, as this may cause stretching. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or excessive humidity.
  6. Pilling Care: Pilling is a common occurrence with some crochet sweaters. To safely remove pills, use a fabric shaver or gently brush the sweater with a soft bristle brush. Be careful not to pull or snag any stitches.

By following these care instructions, your crochet sweater will remain beautiful and last for years to come. Remember, proper care is the key to preserving the quality and longevity of your handmade or store-bought crochet sweater.

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