8 Free Crochet Cardigan Patterns

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I have a goal, and that goal is to crochet 20 different crochet cardigans, and i will. So far i have made 8 free crochet cardigan patterns, and i am so and very proud of them all.

We are just getting into the middle of the year, and i know for a fact, i will not be able to make 100 cardigans for the year, maybe 14 more cardigans for the rest of the year to be realistic, so be sure to stick around to know how far that goes lol….

I do have my top favorite crochet cardigan patterns, and i will list them from my top faves to the others. I love all my crochet works, let me just put that out there, but i have some top faves.

Crochet Sunshine Cardigan Free Pattern

image 74

The Crochet sunshie cardigan was my very first ever crochet gift to me. and it was love at first sight. I fell in love and i am still in love with this crochet cardigan. As always, a Free pattern is available for this, CLICK HERE for the free crochet cardigan pattern. There are ads with it, and i know that can be annoying, so if you wish to have access to the ad free printable PDF, then CLICK HERE.

Crochet Oversized Cardigan Free Pattern

image 75

This crochet cardigan was never really named because i felt it did not belong to me. I made it to gift my sister, she would see what she makes of it. As i am writing it, i have not yet given it to her,(if you are reading this in the future, i have definitely givenit to her lol) because i have some work to be done on it. I made the sleeves a little bit bigger than i wanted which is good because i crochet before i write the pattern so i can fix anything i did not like about it. So trust that your crochet cardigan free pattern or paid pattern is on point.

The free pattern can be found here, if you want the ad free PDF version, get it here

The crochet knit look cardigan free pattern

image 76

I remember almost getting into an argumet on FaceBook with one woman because she said this cardigan was not crochet it was knit. I promised her it really was a crochet cardigan but she was so sure it was not.

The pattern to this was moving around in my head and i just knew i could bring it to life, so i got busy. I loved the results and it was one of my most liked posts on FaceBook. The Free pattern contains 9 sizes as well as the paid version. Be sure to check them out. If you love it so much, buy it.

Crochet Ribbed Crop Cardigan

image 77

If you know my crochet life, you should know how much i hate working crochet cardigans in pieces then conneting them, It is too much work. And i think that is why i have no time for a crochet granny square.

So this crochet ribbed cardigan was worked like that, i promised myself that never again lol, but i ended up loving it sooo much. Get there free crochet cardigan pattern HERE, feel like purchaseing the ad-free printable pdf?, check it out HERE.

Crochet oversized crop cardigan free patern

image 78

I do not know if it is just me, but i looove oversized clothes. If i am going to wear a cardigan, then it just has to be oversized. So you can imagine my love for this crochet oversized crop cardigan. A crochet cardigan with an attitude LOL.

Free pattern is up and available as well as the Paid version, the ad-free printable pdf pattern.

image 79

This crochet duster cardigan is a must make and a must have. Throw on some pants and a shirt, off you go. it can even be a skirt or a dress. The joy of wearning me made clothes is just overwhelming.

The Free Pattern is HERE, and the PDF-Ad free is HERE.

Crochet distrssed crop cardigan

image 80

This crochet distressed cardigan was made after i saw a knit version of it. I fell in love instantly and i knew it had to be made. I like to believe that whatever can be knit, can also be crochet. I was upset to see it not performing as well, but als all thing have time, it’s time is yet to come.

Find the Free crochet pattern HERE, and find the Ad-free Printable PDF pattern HERE

Crochet crop stripped cardigan free pattern

image 81

I had an idea of what i wanted this crochet cardigan to look like but sadly, it did not come out as i imagned it, but still , it is what it is. I will definitlely be making another one until i have the exact results i wanted.

Free crochet pattern HERE, The paid pattern can be found HERE

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