crochet sunshine distressed crop cardigan- pattern & tutorial

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So i saw a knit version of this crochet sunshine distressed crop cardigan and i knew there was nothing my crochet hook could not make. SO here we are.

Untitled design 60

I love the perfect fit and i cannot get enough of the knit look pattern. And this crochet crop cardigan works very fast, does not ask for too much yarn as our previous duster cardigan did. YIKES. For the free pattern scroll down.

The video tutorial will be available soon, due to some difficulties iit is not available today.

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crochet sunshine distressed crop cardigan pattern

Terminology: US 

Level: Intermediate Beginner

 Sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL 

Guage: 12 hdslst n 10 rows= 4”

The pattern is worked in the back loop only to achieve the knit look.

 Chin 1 does not count as a stitch 

The pattern has 9 sizes written as XS(S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL)


3 Buttons

Yarn needle 

4.5mm crochet hook 

DK weight yarn


Stitch markers

amount of yarn needed

XS 6 balls of yarn 

S; 7.5 balls of yarn

M: 8.5 balls of yarn

 L: 9.5 balls of yarn 

XL: 11 balls of yarn

2XL- 12.5 ballys of yarn

3XL- 13.5 balls of yarn

4XL- 14 balls of yarn

5XL- 15.5 balls of yarn

stitch library

Ch- Chain 

Sc- Single crochet

Slst- Slip stitch

 Hdslst- Half double slip stitch

Decr- Decrease

Incr- Increase

pattern overview

We will work the body and band together minus the collar and arms. So we will begin with the front panel then work our way to the back panel then finish with the front panel again. Then we shall connect the shoulders and then work the arms on to the body then finally finish with the collar and sewing on the buttons. 

Note there is a video tutorial with this, if anything seems to be complicated, the video tutorial is very detailed and will offer terrific help and make the process faster and easier.


Row 1: Ch 36(46,51,56,61,66,66,71,76) place a st marker into the 15th ch from the bottom of the ch.

Into the second ch from the hook, hdslst 2 st into the back bump of the ch. Hdslst all the way down till the stitch marker.At the Stitch marker, slst in the last 15 chains. At the end the row, ch1 and turn

Row 2: Slst into 2 stitches together to crease out first decr. Slst till the stitch marker, and hdslst your way up. In the last st, place 2 hdslst as an incr. Ch 2 and turn

Row3: Hdslst into the second ch from hook to count as an incr. Hdslst all the way to the stitch marker and switch to slst. Slst all the way down and decr in the last 2 st. ch 1 and turn.

how we will create the distressed bottom band

We will alternate between 8 decreases, 8 increases and 8 normal rows. So at the beginning of the cardigan we will decrease 8 rows for the band followed by 8 increase rows and then finally 8 normal rows, then we repeat.

Row 4: slst 2 together to decrease and slst till the stitch marker, hdslst your way up placing an increase at the top.

Since the pattern for the bottom band has been explained, we will focus at the top of the cardigan. Incr the top of the cardigan till rows 15(19,23,27,31,31,35,35,39) you should have ended at the bottom of your row. We will now do a few normal rows to make the shoulder so work 6(10,14,14,18,18,20,22,22) normal rows which should have you ending at the bottom of your work. 

back panel

To start the back panel, leave a st marker on the 22(22,26,26,30,30,34,34,38) st from the top.

Screenshot 2022 02 06 19.45.09

Hdslst your way to the st marker, do not remove the st marker but rather make a ch of 23(23,27,27,31,3135,35,39). And work 43(59,69,83,99,99,111,115,123) rows to make the back portion. You should have ended at the bottom of your row,

front panel again

leave a st marker on the 22(22,26,26,30,30,34,34,38) st from the top. Hdslst your way to the st marker, do not remove the st marker but rather make a ch of 23(23,27,27,31,3135,35,39).

work 6(10,14,14,18,18,20,22,22) normal rows. After the normal rows, decr the top of the cardigan for 15(19,23,27,31,31,35,35,39) rows. We are doing the exact same thing we did for the beginning of the cardigan. At the end of your rows, ch 1 and cut.

Follow the video tutorial to sew the shoulders together, if you do not have access to the video tutorial, close the cardigan so the front panel is laying on top of the back panel. The normal rows you made for the shoulder portion are what you will be closing together.

sleeves (make 2)

Since we were working into the back of our chains, we will not need to go around our sleeve with a row of sc for the arm opening, so connect your yarn to the underarm or armpit section and make a ch of 63(65,65,70,70,73,73,75,80)

Screenshot 2022 02 06 19.48.40

slst into the first 10 ch in the back bump of the ch. Place a stitch marker on the 10th st. switch to a hdslst. Hdslst all the way up to the first ch you made, slst into the next available ch on the arm opening to connect the row, to begin a new row, slst in to the next st of the arm opening and hdslst down. Rep this till the arm is complete, sew to close it. Do the same for the other side.


Connect your yarn to the bottom of your work where the collar is going to exist, and work sc rows all the way around the cardigan placing one sc in each hdslst row, when you reach the end of the first row, ch 1 and slst all the way around. Slst for 5 rows before we make the button holes. 

To make the button holes, locate with a stitch marker where you would like your buttons to be (follow the video tutorial for better understanding). When you reach st before the st marker, ch 3 and skip 3 stitches, and into the fourth, continue with the slst rep this for all the button holes and work another 5 slst rows to make a total of 10 slst rows of the collar.

Sew the buttons on the opposite sides of the buttonholes, cut

let’s make it distressed

Have you ever made a pompom ball? I assume you have or at least know how to. If not, no worry.

With your 2 fingers, wrap a decent amount of yarn around like you want to make a little yarn ball. When you have a decent amount, cut the yarn off and cut the yarn on your finger in half. The yarn you have now is what we will use to create the distressed feel.

You will connect into every second or third row at the bottom band with a slst like effect but you will tie it (see the video tutorial for better understanding)

Once you have placed your distressed yarn all the way around the bottom band, cut the tassels to your desired length.

And your crochet sunshine distressed crop cardigan is complete!!!

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