Crochet Plants Pattern

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I am looking for ways to bring more life to my home and since i crochet, i decided to have some DIY handmade crochet plants because i know a real plant would die within the week. If you are like me and you know you cannot take care of a plant, then we have the next best thing.

A crochet plant.

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These patterns i am sharing with you are not designed by me but are a collection of 12 crochet plants designed by lovely and talented crochet designers.

A few (2 or 3) are Ravelry paid PDF patterns that i could not resist sharing. I do try my best to keep these shared crochet patterns absolutely free. You purchase at your own will.

How to crochet plants

When i say crochet plants, i cannot help but think of green crochet cactus or monstrela plants. But we have a collection of flowers to cactuses and aloes. If it grows, you are more likely to find it down below….maybe not everything considering the list is of only 12 crochet plants. But i am sure you should find something you love!

To crochet a plant, you will most definitely need to follow a crochet pattern. But however, their constructions are almost the same. If the plant is stufed, then be sure to have access to poly-fil. Some patterns call for flat plants, like the monstrela plant or wall hanging.

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How to use a crochet plant

Since the primary reason for my wanting to crochet a plant was for home decor, i will share a few ideas of how you could use your crochet home plant.

  • Wall hanging if the plant is flat like the monstrella or a succulent crochet plant. These make the room brighter. You can hang the succulent by the window to give it more class or over your bed.
  • Headboard alternative. If you are looking for ways to crochet q headboard, then this wall hanging monstrela pattrn might ne the one for you. You will find it below
  • Crochet potted plants for the side office dest or bedside stand r even the centre table in your living room
  • Crochet aloe plant for the kitchens or bathroom window or even hanging in your car!

Tips to making your first crochet plant

If you are new to crochet amigurumi plants or crocheting in general, then i have got a few tips that should have you well on your way. If you have been crocheting for a while and need no help with anything whatsoever, then keep going for the 12 crochet potted plants free patterns.

1. Follow the pattern instructions

Every pattern has it’s set of instructions. Be sure to follow each rule if you want your crochet amigurumi to come out exactly as the original design. I made a crochet sweater pattern and the reader decided the instructions did not add up and they would rather do what made sense to them, the sweater never came out as it should have!

2. Read through the pattern

When you have found a new crochet pattern you like, it is best you scheme through the whole pattern to catch anything new you might need to know or learn. There are a lot of crochet stitches out here, and we cannot admit to know them all. If your crochet pattern calls for new skills, then it is best you learn before you attempt the project.

3. Have access to all materials

For the best results be sure to have access to all the materials that the pattern calls for

5. Follow pattern gauge

If the pattern provides a gauge swath, be sure to mirror that gauge so that you know you are on the right path. If the gauge was provided after blocking, then be sure to block your swatch too to be safer. It may sound like a lot of work, but you will be sorry if you skip this step. Learn how to make a gauge swatch.

Now that you are all set, let’s get to crocheting a plant

12 Free Crochet Plants

Crochet succulent plant

crochet plants pattern

Get the pattern here

Crochet flower plant

image 287

If you love this crochet flower plant pattern, get it for free on ravelry

Crochet Lily plant pattern

image 289

Love these aloe crochet plants? You can download the free PDF pattern HERE

Happy sunflower crochet plant

image 290

Free crochet pattern by: Ink & Stitches

Crochet Pot plant

image 291

This is a paid pattern on ravelry

Crochet sacculent plant free pattern

image 292

Pattern is available for free by: Moara crochet

Free mini crochet plant pattern

image 293

If you love crochet miniatures, then this free crochet plant will be cherished

Mini garden crochet plant

image 294

Download the crochet plant pattern HERE

Monstera wall hanging crochet plant

image 295

If you are looking for ways to add a plant crochet theme to your room or space, then this crochet wall hanging monstera plant will be the perfect go to.

Crochet flower pot

image 297

Have you got a love for crochet flowers and you are thinking of a crochet flower plant? well then this is best for you. Make this and leave it by the centre table or your office desk. No need to remember to water it as it will stay alive for a very long time.

Crochet spring daffodils free pattern

image 298

Have a special love for some something yellow and beautiful? Well then this crochet daffodil pattern will be your loved make!

Crochet Monstera Plant

image 300

This is a paid pattern on Ravelry