Crochet Beanie Free Pattern + Totorial

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Don’t come for me, but when i tell you, the crochet beanie is the easiest, most convinient beginners project to come across, Believe me!!!

When i  made my first crochet beanie and saw how easy it was to make it, i felt so decieved LOL! These things look so complicated, or so they did to my beginner eye!

crochet beanie free pattern

Well if this is your first crochet project, you will share the awe with me, if it is not, you must know how fun it is to make a crochet beanie.

If you know me well, you should know how obsessed i am with this stitch LOL,, i cannot imagine my crochet life without it.

crochet beanie free pattern

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crochet beanie free pattern

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What i love about these crochet beanies is how un-problematic they are. You could make crochet beanies for your entire family in a day. And on a budget!!

For this crochet beanie, i used 100g of worsted weight yarn since it is on the smaller size for the adult size. But as for the bigger size, it will not take down 2 balls, barely 1.5 balls even!.

So  who wants to make a crochet beanie??

A little about me and my crochet life, i have always loved the knit looks and knitting in general , but there are barely youtube tutorials that teach to knit. So i ended up learning to crochet. Saying this, i think i now understand my love for the half double slit stitch. It looks like knit!!!

Crochet Beanie Free PatternConstruction

Let me explain the construction of the crochet ribbed beanie quickly, we will literally work a rectangle and fold it in half then walah! The crochet ribbed beanie has been brought to life!! Do you now understand why i felt decieved LOL!

However, with our crochet beanie, we will add a dash of spice. instead of working one stitch the entire beanie, we will leave the last top 5 stitches for the slip stitch. This will make the crochet beanie curve in at the end giving it a more unique look.

Good To Know

This entire crochet ribbed beanie is worked in the back loop only. That is how we are able to achieve the knit ribbed crochet beanie look. To work in the back loop:

The back loop is the loop that is the furthers away from you. So, when you work in to the loop, you are sort of  pishing a rib towards you and working ever so slightly behind where you would normally work.

If you seem to be working the crochet beanie and yet it does not seem to be forming the ribbed look or the knit look then you want to re consider where you are placing your hook and be sure to work into the right spot.


15 stitches in 10 rows makes 4X4 inches

So incase guage swatch souds like greek to you, because i know it didnt make sense to me for a long long time, what it actually means is,….

well lets put it in an example. Assume it take 17 rows for me to work up 10 inches of the crochet ribbed beanie, the grip and tension i will use will most likely be different to yours.

It may take another crocheter 15 inches to achieve the 17 rows because their grip on the crochet hook may be looser than mine, it might be less of the grip is tighter than mine.

so basically the guage swatch measure tension. And, it is a great way to make sure the designers, (me in this case) work and yours are the same. This is important so you have enough yarn available.


to achieve this crochet beanie, you will need:

1. 5.5 mm crochet hook

2. Worsted weigh yarn– 200g if you are working the bigger size

3. Measuring tape

4. Yarn needle– to weave in the unwanted ends and seam the side close

5. Scissors

6. Stitch markers– every crocheter needs these

7. aaaaand, your crochet skills


The finished crochet ribbed beanie measured 12 inchces from the top down and 16 inches before seaming, making it 8 inches after seaming it closed. This is the size for the small for adults.


Ch- Chain

Slst- Slip stitch

Hdslst- Half double slip stitch


US- American terms

Crochet ribbed beanie pattern

ch 46 into the second stich from the hook, place 5 slst. place a stitch marker

R1: hdslst into the remaining stitches

R2: Ch 1, hdslst into the second loop from the hook and then all the way till the stitch marker and switch to slst into the last 5 st.

R3-44- ch1 (does not count as a stitch) 5 slst and hdslst the rest. repeat rows 1 and 2 till rows 44.

If you would like a bigger size, add 4 rows and keep adding 4 rows to get your desired sizing.

at the end, the crochet beanie should be looking like……

Organic Minimalist Peach Thank You Sold Instagram Post 2
Now it is ready and you are about to rock your crochet ribbed beanie. Nobody can tell you nothing!!! LOL
Fold the work in half and grab your yarn needle. sew the sides closed. Then we can sew the top opening closed.

Cut the yarn but leave a long  ( 10 inchces) tail to close the top.
So now the work is like a tube. To clos the top opening, work a running stitch at th very top of the work to create a neat close and then gather the work with a pull and tie a knot. if there is still a hole showing, you can sew it close with the needle. this will be the inside of the crochet beanie.

Now turn it inside out and guess who just finished their crochet beanie?
I hope you loved it.

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Until next time, happy crafting!