5 ways to avoid pain when crocheting

Recently as i was reading through the FaceBook group, i saw a post from one of the makers who had a clot in the arm. I was so scared when i saw it because it definitely was not the first time i ever heard of it. So there are some crafters who suffer crochet injuries. … Read more

blogging income report

I have never truly understood why people hide their monthly incomes , salary or what be it. Maybe i will understand when i have received my first pay check LOL!! However, i am more than excited to share with you my entire journey for at least the first 12 months or when you all get … Read more

Crochet Sweater Pattern

This pattern was long awaited for. I was dying to share this Free crochet pattern as i recently shared the printable pattern on Facebook and Instagram and a lot of you loved it, so i thought hey, it’s almost Christmas soooooo, why not right?? This post may contain affiliate links, view or disclaimer policy For … Read more

How to crochet a twisted headband

This post contains affiliate links. read our disclaimer policy for details crochet twisted headband/earwarmer While we are still in the spirits of giving and gifting, this crochet twisted headband and or ear warmer is the perfect low budget last minute present. This ear warmer calls for one skein of yarn,so it is perfect for that … Read more

Crochet Oversized Cardigan free pattern

the oversized ribbed cosy sunshine cardigan is the modern crocheters must have for the winter wardrobe.it will keep your closet looking classy for many seasons. This post may contain affiliate links, view our disclosure policy for details Easy Crochet Oversized Cardigan The sunshine cardigan is everything you would want your cardigan to be. Cosy, classy … Read more

10 Crochet tips every beginner needs to know

If you are here then you are considering learning to crochet or are already learning the skill but need some tips here and there.  I am a self taught crocheter, so there are some things i learnt the hard way. I am here to make your journey smoother. 10 tips for crochet beginners 1. Know … Read more

Crochet ribbed beanie

Don’t come for me, but when i tell you, the crochet beanie is the easiest, most convinient beginners project to come across, Believe me!!! When i  made my first beanie and saw how easy it was to make it, i felt so decieved LOL! These things look so complicated, or so they did to my … Read more