30+ Crochet Mushroom Pattern

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Looking for a new crochet mushroom pattern? I have 30+ crochet patterns of mushroom for you to pick from. With theses, you can turn some into a crochet keychain or make a large one for a toy. Be sure to let us know which crochet mushroom you chose from! 1. Crochet mushroom pattern free I … Read more

Asteria Crochet Pattern

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Looking for new and beautiful to crochet? Try out this asteria crochet pattern. In this article we have put together a few crochet asteria patterns in case you are looking for a new crochet project to display on the wall or lay on the floor. What is a crochet asteria? According to collins dictionary, an … Read more

Crochet Guitar Patterns

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Know someone who loves to play the guitar? Why not make them a crochet guitar? In this article we have collected a few easy and fast crochet patterns for guitars that we believe you will just love. They are small and would look lovely as a crochet keychain Or, if you want to be a … Read more

Crochet Balaclava Free Pattern

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Looking for ways to stay toasty this winter with a crochet design? Well this list of crochet balaclava patterns will have you excited to grab a hook, a cup of coffee and be on your way! If you would like to purchase a crochet pattern, then you can do so at $1.50 and less. Thank … Read more

25 Crochet Bralette Pattern Free

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Wearing a crochet bralette does not have to be in the summer time only. You can throw one on and wear a blazer. Go out looking stylish and unique. Today i am going to share with you a list of bralette patterns i believe you will not resist to make. Before we go any further, … Read more

Patchwork Cardigan Crochet Pattern

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If you are a lover of cardigans, granny square and colours, then i think i have got the perfect project for you. This crochet patchwork cardigan pattern list will sure be the list you have been looking for. I have put together 10 patchwork cardigan crochet patterns for your choosing. Be sure to let us … Read more

Crochet Book Sleeve Free Pattern

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If you are one who loves to read and organise your books and papers well, then you are gonna love this crochet book sleeve pattern. Get yourself organised and keep your tablets and laptops safe with these crochet sleeve patterns. We have collected a few of our favourite crochet book sleeve patterns which can also … Read more

Rat Crochet Pattern

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Looking for something fast snugly to make? This easy fast rat crochet pattern might just be the one for you. Be sure to go through the list of crochet mice and see which one you like. We have collected a few crochet mice patterns that are just so cute. Make one as a keyholder or … Read more

Crochet Duck Pattern

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If you are in search of a cute and fun crochet project, then look no further. You have found this crochet duck pattern that is just too cute to resist. And, it is a fast make! You will be done before you even know it. In this article, we have put together 15 Easy crochet … Read more

25 Crochet Shorts Pattern : Beginner Friendly

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If you think you need to be in summer to crochet shorts, then you are wrong. They do work better during the hot season so you get some air, but the crochet shorts can just as well be work around the house as they are just so very comfortable. If you caught my crochet trousers … Read more